Case Study on Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Case Study:

Harley Davidson is the American company and manufacturer of motorcycles which is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The company makes and sells heavy motorcycles which are used for the ride on the highway. Speaking about the peculiarities of marketing, Harley Davidson focuses its attention to the loyal customers who have the credit to the company and its products and have the image of the ideal motorcycle produced exclusively by Harley Davidson. In addition, the company produces numerous products and accessories with the emblem of Harley Davidson and created in its style. It is obvious that the image of Harley Davidson is really stable and impressive and it will not be an overestimation to call Harley Davidson a cult motorcycle. In order to attract more customers and make them the piece of the big community the company established a special club for the owners of the Harley Davidson motorcycles: H.O.

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G. – Harley Owner Group. This club is the biggest motorcycle club in the world.The company has a long and interesting history. It was founded in 1903 when the young William Sylvester Harley made the project of a small engine which could be used on motorcycles. The idea to develop the project was supported by his friend Arthur Davidson and they created a bicycle with the small engine.

Very soon they improved the technology of the vehicle and established the company which has enormous success even now. The motorcycles are supposed to be the most beautiful on the market, but their price is also extremely high. In fact, many people criticise Harley Davidson, because the quality of the vehicles is not as high as, for example, in Honda and BMW and the vehicles require repairing quite often.Harley Davidson is the most famous manufacturer of motorcycles in the world and students will find it interesting to get to know about the topic more. Researching the topic on Harley Davidson students should mention about the history of the company’s development, the secrets and methodology of their marketing, the strong and the weak sides of the technology of production and analyse the critique of the quality of Harley Davidson objectively.

The student should evaluate the direct case on the motorcycles from all sides and try to learn about the cause and consequences of the problem.The way to prepare a case study successfully is to use the reliable piece of advice of the Internet sources and a free example case study on Harley Davidson marketing. A student can learn a lot just reading a free sample case study on Harley Davidson, because the paper is supposed to teach them to analyze the problem professionally, construct the text logically and format the paper according to the general standards.