My Name Free Essay Example

His nickname is “Mr. 4.0.” He’s an academic genius. He scored high on the ACT. He is an amazing athlete—a State Champion.

He is the favorite child. He runs with the popular crowd. And he won the Best Looking award. In everyone’s eyes, he’s perfect. In my eyes, he’s my annoying brother.

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Wait, what about me? How do I live up to that? If I won an award, it would be “Tried her hardest” that’s the best I can do? But I’m the sibling who gets pushed to the back unnoticed. I’ve been compared to him and expected to be the spitting image of him. I don’t have perfect accomplishments but that doesn’t mean I don’t posses the same qualities. Moving one foot in front of the other. My mind tells me keep going, but my body’s screaming out in pain. Don’t stop now; you’re not even halfway there.

Inhaling cold air my throat begins to burn and my legs become numb. But I keep going. Why? Because I know the outcome will be worth it. By this point I can’t feel anything, am I even still running? But I’m not focused on the pain anymore I’m looking towards the finish. My minds like a whirlpool, thoughts rushing in and out.

Just as I reach the finish I hear him say, “Nice job, Elle. But seriously that’s all you got?” yeah right, like he could ever keep up. Elston is my name, but I go by Elle. Academically I’m average. The highest I scored on the ACT was a 23.

Two words: Test Anxiety. A State Champion? In my dreams. But I’ve realized, I’m not my brother. I was never meant to be. I have my own footprint to place in this dirt road. I have my own life, own face, own qualities.