Essay on The English Language

I was raised on the English language. This made it pretty easy for me to learn it.

Then, after so many years, I started to learn Spanish. And I must say, Spanish grammar is much easier to understand. And this applies to many other languages, I’m sure, because in English, we have rules that change with each individual word. And then there’s our letters; rough, through, thought, borough, all the “ough” sounds are different in each word. Spanish hardly ever changes the way letters are pronounced (French, on the other hand, is worse than English at having letters they DON’T pronounce..

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.). Further, I learned more about English grammar in Spanish than in my English class. Preterite? I’ve been calling it “past-tense” since I was 5. Past participle? I don’t remember what that is, but it was easier to understand in Spanish.

So, try not to learn English, unless absolutely necessary. There are people here in America who will never speak it right, so why should you?