The English Language

The English Language As an arab guy from syria whose parents are syrian my main language and the first language I ever used is arabic. Several members of my family grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts speak only arabic so that was the only language I could use tocommunicate and speak with them.

It makes me a part of my society and reminds me of who I am and my origins, without these things I lose a big part of myself and the person I am today. I attended an international school during my nursery and kindergarten years so English was required not only as a second language but as a primary language. If there is one thing I could say for certain it is that learning English is the best thing that ever happened to me. It is one of the most used languages in our world and will probably grow to be the most common one day. Using the English language, I could be guaranteed to be able to communicate with almost everyone across the globe.

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If I had not taken english how would I have been talking to you right now ? I read novels and stories every day I can not sleep without reading actually, and all of the books I have read in my life have been english books. I find creativity, suspense, and emotions that I could not spt in arabic writings. Authors genuinely appeal to the readers more and make them more interested in the book they are reading. Reading in english has taken me into another dimension and opened to me paths I haven’t even known existed before. When I read I feel myself sink into another world, enter a different life, and experience different and new experiences. Learning a second language, especially a language as popular and used as english, helps us communicate with people from different societies and races; assisting us understand them and their culture/s better.

This way we can learn more about one another and get to know different experiences people live through in different countries across the world. These things help connect nations together and aim towards a better and more peaceful world. Imagine going to a new planet and finding aliens living there. Would you not want to know more about them ? Would you not be interested in their cultures, beliefs, and methods of living? Would you not be curious about where they are from and what happened to make them who they are today? Now imagine if you can not speak to them, that they speak another language which is not familiar to you. How would you learn all the things you are curious about? The same thing applies to us here on earth. We should be curious and interested in learning more about one another’s differences and similarities, but do so we must establish a certain way of communication.

Thus, I learned the english language.