The URN Case Study

If Rash had collaborated with the URN to coordinate the care of the patient. Rash has been humiliated by the URN biblically and is now devising ways to get her back for yelling at him. After the meeting was over Rash could have asked either for a meeting with a direct supervisor who more than likely was present at the team meeting. Maybe having a third party would help to clear the air. Another option Is that he could have taken that nurse aside and simply stated that she had not only humiliated him in front of their peers, but yelled at him biblically causing a great al of embarrassment.

Rash felt as though he better not say anything because he Is worried that he might lose his Job. He needs to feel that there Is a good solution to the issue, otherwise he will continue to have passive-aggressive thoughts. The URN in the scenario is displaying very aggressive behavior toward Rash. Scenario 2: Pamela Is being unassertive or passive. She was following up on some of the tests that were being performed by a volunteer and notices that the previous readings were quite different than that of the ones that the volunteer had done.

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She did not discuss her findings with the volunteer, but instead took it upon herself to retest everyone.

Passive or unassertive communication occurs when you remain silent when you ought to ask for help or explain your needs (www. Answers. Yahoo. Com/questions/index? Quid-20080241145121 Casey). Pamela could have handled the situation between her and the volunteer very different to avoid this passive behavior. She could have simply contacted her and questioned the readings.

They could have reviewed the data together and decided to either go with he information as read by the volunteer or retest everyone together.

She took this upon herself with no regard to the volunteers’ feelings. This would not only lead to animosity between them, but causing the company to lose money In resource because redundant work Is being performed. Also, by not speaking up to the volunteer, she is risking that all the future tests the volunteer performs will be inaccurate without proper instruction. When you find someone not doing a Job correctly It Is your responsibility or auto to letter Instruct ten person yourself or to sake sure you connect them with the proper person to show them the correct way.

Scenario 3: Mabel the surgical tech is being aggressive and Rosa her boss is being assertive.

First let me say that Mabel needs to straighten up her attitude. Aggression, in its broadest sense, is behavior, or a disposition, that is forceful, hostile or attacking. It may occur either in retaliation or without provocation (http://en. Wisped. Org/wick/ Aggressive_behavior).

By telling Rosa that she would not even consider scrubbing on any orthopedic cases she was automatically being hostile.

Instead, she could have imply gone to Rosa, inquired about other opportunities in the unit, what staffing was like (if not scrubbing those types of cases could be accommodated), and if not, decided together what the course of action would be. Telling her that she would have her head on a platter because of who her grandfather is was simply childish and uncalled for. Rosa has the right intentions. She tried to communicate to Mabel.

She wanted teamwork and to have each person bring their personal strengths to the table to provide the best care for the patients as they could.

She did not offer Mabel any other solutions to her issue. Even if she could not be accommodating to Mabel’ request to not work those types of cases, she should have either told her she would think about it or come up with some alternatives that might work for both parties. Communication is the key and both parties displayed poor communication styles. One scenario that stands out is when I was working in a large NICE. I was coming in on days and was receiving a very hurried report from the nurse going off shift.

She was tired and near retirement and Just wanted to go home.

I was a new nurse and she probably thought, “This will trip her up”. She went through all of the basics with me and went home. I received report on more than one baby and it was not uncommon to get report from more than one nurse if there was a shift in the patient assignment. When I went to do my first “hands on” with the baby I pulled back the cover and the baby had what is called a serologically dermatome.

This is a huge growth or tumor found at the base of the coccyx. I was a new nurse and I was very shocked and unprepared to see such a thing. This tumor weighed more than the baby herself.

It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I was so upset by her aggressive behavior and had very passive-aggressive thoughts the rest of my shift. I could not believe that a nurse could be so cavalier.

I couldn’t comprehend that someone would not tell the next nurse all they knew about that baby’s issues. I could not believe that she would want to shock me. Instead of calling her out on it the very next night, I continued to Just avoid her and try to forget the incidence ever happened. That nurse could have used much better communication skills and given me a thorough report and I could have confronted her with my feelings.