TTS employees Case Study

Supplementation, corporate social responsibility defines everything that they stand for and do. They actively implement programs for improvement of society and the environment.

Every year, they better their contribution to the environmental and social causes both financially and with respect to corporate social responsibility. They support social causes around the globe and encourage Its employees to contribute towards the communities they live In.

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They support relief campaigns, unprivileged hillier, blood drives, education Initiatives, and cancer foundations such as The Hope Foundation, Blind People’s Association and Child Relief and you. Likewise, they respect for environment that guides their business decisions and strategies. Milling their environmental Impact and managing energy and waste Is a priority. They supports organizations Like save the earth, Greenback and others that promote environmentally astute initiatives.

They do have Green Procurement Policy that seeks to reduce the environmental impact of Aegis’s operations and promotes sustainable placement by integrating environment performance considerations into procurement process. Another policy that supports the environment that they have is Waste Reduction Policy; they are committed in reducing the environmental impact of its operations through appropriate, ongoing material management processes. They have also Environmental Policy which they are committed in protecting the environment by minimizing our environmental impact and efficiently managing energy, water and waste.

They also strive to provide a healthy work environment to TTS employees and to conduct environmental friendly businesses at all offices worldwide. The main objectives of the policy are: I Respect the health, safety and environmental issues of employees, clients, vendors and the local community. I The company will set, monitor and review objectives and targets related to environmental management.

I I Remain conscious of the impact of Aegis’s operations on the environment and commit to continually improve our processes. Aegis will practice waste management in a sustainable manner to prevent elution.

I I Comply with currently applicable environmental and related regulations and exceed the prescribed standards where appropriate. I I Assess and seek to minimize the impact of business activities on the environment by optimizing energy and power consumption and the use of consumables and hardware through recycling or reuse. I I Strive to continually Improve the Environment Management System and Its performance.

Aegis will periodically review the system and communicate updates to all concerned through appropriate channels.

I I Communicate the Environmental Policy to all Aegis employees and business associates, and make It available to the public on request. Pedagogical Objectives: The case discusses their programs that help In Improving society and the environment. * Their different polices were Introduced and how they Implement and how they maintain It. * The mall objective of their environmental policy further discussed their corporate social responsibility.

I Key words: Procurement, et Rectal Causes on Policy, Environment Management cyst me , Social