Developing Employees

Employee development is a joint, on-going effort as part of both the employee and the organization for which he or she works for. This is aimed at improving employee’s knowledge, skills as well as abilities.

For employee development to be successful there should be a balance between an individual’s career, demands and the goals of the organization with targeted work to be done. Employee development programs are important because they make positive contributions to organizational performance and output. A better skilled workforce can accomplish more objectives and management team can accomplish more since employees gain relevant skills and experience as well as knowledge. When developing employees, each manager has the responsibility of ensuring that his or her subordinate attains the required skills and knowledge. The managers should therefore take it upon themselves to be in constant communication with their employees. In addition, they need to set goal and give assignments.

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This also involves issuing and receiving feedbacks from employees then making follow ups. Managers have the responsibility of facilitating regular meetings with each employee they supervise. The meetings can be made formal or informal. The aim of this is to give each employee an opportunity to report to his or her responsibilities and assigments. Furthermore, the employee and the manager get an opportunity to listen to one another. The manager as well gets the chance to teach, correct, inspire and motivate the employee.

Employee development is very effective in an environment of trust. Therefore, it is imperative that all employees become comparative to the particular employees they supervise. This calls for the managers to become friendly and serve their employees, keeping confidence, and avoiding gossip and backbiting. Patience is highly advocated for in managers when carrying out employee development because he or she is handling employees of different personalities. In addition, the manager should be fair and generous to all employees. When need be, the manager has the responsibility of administering corrective action.

This implies that managers should be well versed with discipline and discharge policy for administration and staff . Employee development encourages professional development. High potential employees always feel dissatisfied with their current status. These are ambitious employees that need to be developed. Such employees are high performing and dynamic and should be well developed to ensure the organization does not lose them. This is because they are potentially the future leaders of the organization if they are given proper guidance iin their development so as to come top in competition.

Planning is essential in developing employees, it is important that the management of an organization establish the major goals that are attached to their strengths, interests and experience. The purpose of a development plan is to serve as a roadmap that will guide both the employee and the manager to the goal. The development plan can either be simple or complex so long as its contents include the action step, resources, as well as deadlines. The managers should ensure they are aware of where to focus their attention. They can also try the step-by-step promotion planning eClass.

Developing employees focuses on building necessary skills and overcoming obstacles so as to get the organization to get into their target. ConclusionEmployee development programs are aimed at ensuring positive contribution to the organizational performance. A well skilled and trained workforce can accomplish more for the organization since they gain relevant skills and experience. In addition, employee development saves the organization a larger amount of money. Managers have the responsibility of ensuring that all employees have confidence in the whole development process.

The managers also ensure they develop the right development plans and successfully implement it.