Assessing performance and developing employees

Numerous approaches to employee development are mentioned in the reading.

Both companies select, develop, and retain strong leaders in their business. Retaining these strong leaders ensures that the already trained employees train new incoming employees. They make their leaders to uniquely develop specifically to fit their business setup. At general Electronics, the company identifies talents early in advance and goes for it. The talented employees are assimilated into the company with relevant training.

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The new employees are subjected to successive assignments under supervision with substantial assistant given. General electronics has established Crotonvalle University to offer structured training on leadership. The company has encouraged all the leaders to join Crotonville for further training. At Zappos, the company facilitate team building events. Managers spent about 20% of their time outside their office in team building.

Zappos believe that team work build strong leaders and thus they put a premium on it. The recruitment process is interactive in nature and the company spends about 10 hours for four different occasions for the employees to know the company, and the company to know them well. Zappos offer 100% employee benefits plus they have a ‘wow factor’. ‘Wow factor; is a payment made after employees finish training and wish to walk away. The two companies have different cultures. Zappos is characterized by modern culture while general electronics holds a traditional culture.

Those divergent cultures will face different challenges and thus should adopt different development approaches. The approaches adopted will highly depend on the impending challenges. Zappos is faced by the challenge of creating and maintaining passion in culture of a modern call centre.The approach in this case should be persuasive and convincing. The approach should offer attractive benefits with more on-the-job trainings because modern should be engaged more on the job. For general electronics, with the challenge of changing climate, the approach in employee development will be based on the expected direction of the economy.

If recession is predicted, the approach will engage the employees on short term basis. The trainings would be diversified so as the employees would adapt to the dynamic climates. The approach will also depend on the size of the company income. General electronics will be able to apply more expensive approach compared to zappos. However, many challenges still face these two companies as far as empployee development is concerned.

Zappos is faced by the challenge of how to build the capacity of leaders to cope with the current growth of the company. The company is expected to grow at a rate of over 30 percent. It is important for the company to respond to this growth by additional employees. Adding employees is not enough since the employees require capacity building to assimilate them to the normal operations of the company. To fix this challenge, the company should develop on-the-job training program in each at each section of the company to expand the current training capacity.

This should be done much regularly to ensure that a pool of trained personnel is there to service any shortage. This will guarantee the company enough employees when growth increases.General electronics is faced by the challenge of keeping the employees engaged in dynamic climate. Business climate is not constant and thus it is not easy to predict. In times of recession, employees may face unexpected retrenchment when the company decides to scale down its operations. Employees experience a lot of disappointment and this tarnish the reputation of the company.

This challenge would be addressed if the company initiates a special fund to retain all the existing employees for considerable period of time. The fund should be developed in times of surplus.