Company E-mail

Hope each and every one is well. As a result of the approaching financial year end, all relevant documents are required in the head office by 30th November 2011. Duly note that monthly estimates for the month of July to October were reviewed by the finance committee.

The accounting discrepancies discovered in the estimates were to be resolved, and the final estimates re submitted to the accounting department. However, this is yet to be done. Branch managers kindly address this issue as soon as possible. The head of departments is required to submit their budgeted expenditures for the year. The budgets should be accompanied by the actual documentation of expenses incurred. Any expenses incurred by the staff in lieu of company expenses will be reimbursed fully.

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However, any expenses, which are not, supported by appropriate documentation will be deemed to be fraudulent and will not be reimbursed. All branch managers are asked to submit their budgeted expenditures and estimates for the next financial year as soon as possible. The next financial year’s budgets and estimates will be reviewed and submitted to the financial committee for consideration. Kindly work together with your department heads to facilitate a comprehensive workable budget. Note that the operation costs in foreign branches have surged upwards as a result of increasing fuel costs. The benefits accrued to each department will be apportioned accordingly.

Note that the apportionment will be based on each branch’s ability to remain within the given budgetary constraints while maximizing their profitability index. Therefore, all branch accounting executives are required to submit their books of accounts the head office accounting department. A closing ceremony will be held on the 20th December 2011. Everyone will be notified where the ceremony will be held in due time. Kindly aspire to working together while observing the vision and mission of the company to achieve the set goals and objectives.