comparing and contrasting north and south america

The north and south American both had different ideas on the racial ideologies. One used it more then the other did.

The north American where harder and less compassionate of racial ideologies while the south left it slide a little bit. The north America were the french married native Americans women while in Latin America Spanish had even more inter marriage. The french like the Spanish both had more catholic priest marry them. The Spanish church was more tolerant then christian church on marring other races. The Latin America Portuguese had less slaves while also having it population 10% of black slaves ad the north American English had it colonize enslave native Americans.

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They the English had little ashamed to Christianity while Portuguese had lots of native Americans turning into Catholics. The north American were eventually more racist than Latin America. North American church did not general marriage not recognized by the church while in Haiti a Latin American they had had a salve rebellion in 1790 freeing slaves in 1804 now its 90% of blacks. In Latin America race called mestizo which was 80-85% Mexican people in Spain which meant they had Spanish blood and native American blood. So it meant the Latin Americans were less racist and left half of slaves free and marry them while the north American were very racist didn’t left them free and marry them.