The Story Of North Korea

The Korean world is one of the hardest worlds to understand. North Korea trying to become a world super power in Nuclear Warfare. South Korea just trying to live in peace. North Korea’s old Dictator (Died 2011) Kim Jong-Il threaten the world for years with Nuclear War.

He especially wanted to gain control of South Korea and unite the 2 nations under his control. His death on December 17, 2011 left North Korea in pain and without a leader. His son Kim Jong-Un took office on December 29, 2011. For 30 days North Korea cried in mooring for their beloved leader. In my opinion The U.

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N (United Nations) along with South Korea should have invaded North Korea and gained control of the Government at this time to prevent mass mind control that Kim Jong-Il had on Korea for years before his death. The history of North Korea is filled with riches, fame, power, death and fear over their enemies. North Korea and South Korea started off as a united Country. During the Early years of The Cold War, Korea was divided at the 38th Parallel into North and South Korea. As tensions rose in the war, North Korea gained an army with their alliances with Russia and China. South Korea gained Protection with their alliance with The U.

N. The Korean was started when North Korea invaded South Korea. The U.N forces went into South Korea and pushed the North Korean troops out of South Korea and almost into China. The war ended when nobody wanted to fight a never ending War. After The Korean War, North Korea changed into a fully fortified Communist Nation.

They rose to power with Russia and China as Allies. When The Cold War ended Russia discontinued their alliance and soon after China did the same. In 2002 U.S President George Bush (Senior) called North Korea an “Axis of Evil” and an “Outpost of Tyranny” North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il privately accepted U.S troops in South Korea.

Publicly North Korea strongly wanted to remove American troops for Korea. On November 23, 2010 North Korean artillery fired 170 rounds on The Yeonpyeng Island and waters surrounding The Yellow Sea. When Kim Jong-Il died, South Korea and U.S troops went on high alert. North Korea has a unique part of their army called The Korean People Army. North Korea is one many Nations with Nuclear Arms ready to strike at any minute of any day.

Their nuclear program started during The Cold War in 1956. Their frist test of these weapons was on October 9, 2006. Their last test was on May 25, 2009. They have estimated 6-8 nuclear weapons. North Korea likes the use of Biological weapon. They have export alliances with Pakistan, Cuba, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Libya, Nigeria, The Republic of Congo, Sudan, Syria, Vietnam, Yemen and The Unites Arab Emirates.

North Korea and The U.S have a long history with each other. North Korea is direct threat to the U.S and the World. They are a Threat to the human way of life for most people in other nations. In 2012 North Korea lunched its Unha-3 Missile.

It broke apart minutes after takeoff. Kim Jong-Un told the world that it was just a lunching of a satellite. The nations of Japan and South Korea threaten to shoot the missile down if it entered their airspace. North Korea is a threat to the world and is a threat to themselves. South Korea should have gotten U.

S troops along with their own and invaded North Korea when Kim Jong-Il died. This invasion would have been justified in the history books because it would have changed the North Korean way of life and united a Broke Country.