North Korea

Boom!Boom!Boom! Sounds of boots on the brick road marching toward the middle of the city. The street Empty, cold, windows boarded up with signs saying won’t ever be open again. No street lights no stop lights, just building after building with nothing on inside. there in rows of 4 men standing side to side and 15 behind the first one. there government is not allied with anyone no one comes in no one goes out if you are caught leaving or entering you are pretty much dead.

The place that i’m talking about is north korea the world’s #1 dictatorship the leader kim jong un is the 5th member of his family to be the leader of the country. Before the korean war the two sides where one giant country but after the ended the south koreans decide to join the allies but north korea hated the allies so they became a country without wealth, power or food. They hate everyone in the world. They threaten countries by saying we will bomb you and try to start war. One of my main topics will be about military to explain what they are doing. My second one will be about punishment which will be about what would happen if you do something wrong in North Korea.

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And my third and last is about their family tree which is about who was the first Kim in the family and all the way down to Kim Jong Un. Military Kim Jong Un is working only on his military and not to produce food. He has an army but because he has no food for them he is basically starving them to death. He is threatening countries by showing pictures of missiles on ship pointing towards the U.S.A and other countries that U.

S.A is allied with. ‘They don’t let their soldiers sleep half the time and they only feed them two-three potatoes a meal’ (“Ask a North Korean: What’s Life like in the Army?”). There training is hard they walk for ? of the day and the eat while walking. If one does something wrong they get punished for falling or even moving out of line for a second.

Punishment If you are caught running from North Korea or coming in they would put you in a camp where they would do awful stuff like beat you. People are not allowed to bring cameras into north korea because they think you are posing their mind the with new technology so they take it and probably destroy it and you would be warned. A kid took a small painting from a hotel and now he is being punished. If you do get in trouble you would be at a camp and the 5 generations after. Family Tree Kim Jong Un is the 4th generation of the Kim family to be the Supreme leaders of North Korea (Kim= gold in korean) the Kim family started in 1884 Kim Jong Un’s great great grandfather was born in Mangyongdae-guyok his name was Kim Lu Jing he had one son named Kim Bo Hyon who had 4 sons the one who became supreme leader was Kim Il sung he had 3 sons one being Kim jong il which has one sonhis name is Kim Jong Un who currently is the supreme leader.

Ending I would never go to North Korea after all the facts i have given, the place is very scaryfirst you have to try to sneak in or be accepted in, sneaking in is very hard and is very dangerous to do certain things. There are some very good people in north korea that are dying because there leader won’t give them food and his people are dying and if he does know that this is happening he is horrible person. He is starving his country and getting away with it and we can’t do anything to stop him because if we try to send someone over to talk he would think where attacking and it would start a war. . “Ask a North Korean: What’s Life like in the Army?” the Guardian.

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