Nuclear Development in North Korea

NThe Korean Central News Agency reported that Kim Jong-Un, the Supreme leader of North Korea, toured the east coast of the country last month in a 95-foot luxury yacht that could be violating UN sanctions imposed for the country’s nuclear and missile tests. The yacht is a Princess 95MY model and it is worth $7 million.

Sales of luxury goods in North Korea was prohibited by the UN in 2006 in an attempt to squeeze the country over its nuclear program. But still, North Korea is expanding their nuclear projects. North Korean nuclear weapon creates tension in Korean peninsula, causes more sufferings to North Korean citizens, and threatens the world peace. The nuclear weapons in North Korea raises military tension between South and North Korea. North Korea has been intimidating and threatening South Korea for years that they were going to shoot missiles. The conflict between North and South were especially high in the year 2010.

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That year, North Korea actually attacked part of South Korea named, Yeonpyeoung Island. They fired a hundred rockets, people died and innocent citizens got hurt. It was the first real attack that North Korea did to civilians. In the same year, North Korean National Defense Commission warned that the country will initiate a “retaliatory holy war” against South Korea over Seoul’s alleged contingency plan to deal with potential unrest in the North. The claims that North Korea make almost every month have South Koreans live in fear. North Korea spends billions of dollars to develop nuclear missiles, and such expenditure creates more deficit to its economy.

Nuclear weapon causes more sufferings to North Korean citizens. North Korea has suffered from economic and social problems for decades under the Kim family’s regime. After his trip to North Korea, the British ambassador John Everard said, “Although North Korean civilians had access to showers, none could remember when they had the last one with hot water.” Also, most North Korean civilians don’t know what is happening outside their country. Like this, many citizens in North Korea can’t live like us. This is partly because the higher class of North Korea are spending so much money and effort to develop their nuclear power.

When they can use that money to give food to people, they are using it to make nuclear weapons. Many people in North Korea don’t even know that North Korea is developing nuclear weapons and threatening other countries. While North Korean civilians are starving to death, nuclear weapon development in North Korea becomes an imminent danger to other nations. North Korean nuclear weapon threatens the world peace by encouraging Iran’s unauthorized nuclear program. President George W. Bush labeled North Korea part of an “axis of evil” with Iraq and Iran.

If people don’t go hard against North Korea’s nuclear projects, other countries in the middle east might think that they can also develop nuclear weapons. North Korea also threatened the United States and the United States forces in the Pacific. In one of the boldest warnings, the North said it could carry pre-emptive nuclear strikes against the U.S. In the past, U.S.

administration and South Korean government managed to tamp down periodic heightened tensions with North Korea by offering concessions including much-needed aid, in return for the North’s promising to end its nuclear weapon programs. Pyongyang has reneged on those promises after receiving aid. If this keeps happening, other countries might start working on developing their nuclear weapons too. That can affect other countries and that would be a serious problem. North Korean nuclear weapon is not only a Korean problem. Some sanctions were made by the U.

N. They prohibited the North from conducting nuclear tests or launching ballistic missiles requested that it abandon all future efforts to pursue nuclear weapons and urged it to return to negotiations with China, Japan, Russia, United States and South Korea. But if other countries in the world don’t act more aggressively and swiftly to stop nuclear weapon project in North Korea, then it will bring tremendous negative setbacks: conceives stress between North and South Korea, make North Korean civilian suffer, and threatens the peace of every country. When you read or hear about North Korea next time, think about the how the nuclear weapons can affect all over the world.