Computing Development Strategies

This is my original work submitted for academic credit in partial fulfilment of the regulation governing the award of degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology Name: Mr P Kirui Signature: Date: Foreword Internship is engages students in service activities primarily for providing them with irst-hand experience that enhances their learning and understanding the issues relevant toa particular area of study.

It assists the attache’s on how to bridge the gap between their academic learning process and the practical reality.

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The industrial attachment programme contributes significantly and positively towards enhancing the knowledge base and motivational level of students. The rationale in offering the industrial attachment as part of the academic programme is that students benefit from these industrial attachment experiences and exposure. Benefits include mprovements in career-related direction, improved marketability of graduates, Job expectations, interpersonal skills, leadership and understanding of the business applications of classroom learning, team spirit and adopting to business environments..

The most commonly agreed benefit ot industrial attachment attachments tor students is in providing a valuable learning experience that complements their coursework.

Students have described industrial attachment as a bridge between the theory and practical. Internship programmes are perceived as a valuable way to acquire broad competencies where the practical knowledge obtained supports and omplements the theoretical studies learned in the classrooms.

The industrial attachment experience is argued to be beneficial in socializing the student through training, teamwork assignments, meetings with clients or employees, and various events hosted by the organization they are attached to during their industrial attachment. Interns have successfully developed their personal skills, particularly relating to information technology, time management, communication skills, teamwork, specialist knowledge and ability to prioritize tasks. Practical experience and exposure gained during the industrial attachment programme are found to be elpful in improving career decision making.

Internship is the best way for students to explore the suitability of a particular Job.

Internship may pave the way for permanent employment upon graduation as well as providing an in-depth understanding of actual business practice. Students who go through an industrial attachment tend to secure their first Jobs faster than graduates without industrial attachment experience. Graduates with industrial attachment experience are likely to get conspicuously higher starting pay and report greater Job satisfaction compared to their non-industrial attachment counterparts.

Students hope to receive monetary rewards and they be treated as regular employees. However, employers are not willing to treat attach©s as regular employees and thus, normally assign duties that are more appropriate for college students. Employers are not suppose to treat attach©s as part-time employees as this will result in an unsatisfactory industrial attachment and will most likely damage the relationship between the employer and the universities.

Universities should be responsible to ensure that industrial attachments are meaningful learning experiences for their students.

According to hem, this may be accomplished by careful examination of feedback from employers and attach©s; and is followed by the modification of the industrial attachment programme accordingly. Most higher learning institutions in this country offer industrial attachments for their undergraduate students to provide a smooth transition from the academic world to the working environment. Internships have taken on an increasingly important role in business education over the past decade.

Internships provide many advantages to students ranging from gaining experience and obtaining career-related direction to networking.

Institutions offering industrial ttachment programmes benefit through increased cooperation and rapport with the industry. Employers also benefit from these programmes, as industrial attachments can provide them with inexpensive help, new ideas and potential future employees. Therefore, industrial attachments benefit students, institutions and employers.

Acknowledgements My gratitude goes to the Multimedia Universitys department of Computing and Information Technology academic staff that has imparted their vast knowledge and has so much assisted me during my industrial attachment. It is through their valued support that I secured a place tor my attachment. Many nearttel t thanks tor their support.

Many thanks go to the management and the rest of the staff at the Computing Development Strategies for their unwavering support and for giving me a chance to be part of the Computing Development Strategies family.

Worth mentioning is the invaluable support and guidance that I constantly got throughout my industrial attachment from my supervisor. I also extend my gratitude to Stephen (fellow IT attach©) for the collective support we used to enjoy together. I owe the successful compilation of this report to all people who were constantly beside me, cheering me on and supporting me all the way. I would also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my mother for her financial support and understanding throughout my attachment.

Thank you all. God bless you.

Abstract Industrial attachment has become an essential component of the undergraduate programme. It provides students with a smooth transition from the on-campus environment to the working environment. It is often viewed as a Win-win’ situation for both the attach© and the attaching companies.

Students are able to learn about the profession and gain practical experience while simultaneously being able to reflect on what they have learned in the classroom. Employers benefit from industrial attachments, as attach©s are sources of future employees.

This report summarizes my real-life experiences in a working environment with real operational structures that I went through at the Computing Development Strategies Company Ltd. The duration of the attachment was twelve weeks, which I spent in the Technical section of the firm. It is in line with the award ofa Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Technology that a report is compiled detailing the scope of work covered and the benefits of the attachment, experience gained, challenges faced, recommendations to he firm and the university and other details.

Therefore, this report is feedback to Computing and Information Technology department at Multimedia University. Data was gathered through carrying out specific assigned tasks, sharing ideas, observation and experimental work. The main goal behind this report is for examination purpose leading to the award of a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Technology. It is also an analysis, evaluation and assessment of whether the IT department in the organization is complying with the recommended Information Technology practices.

On the other hand it is to summarize the extensive work experience that I was exposed to during my stay at Computing Development Strategies Company Ltd and allows the reader to get the real feeling of how things happen in the IT department of Computing Development Strategies Company.

Table of Contents Acknowledgements v Abstract vi Table of Contents vii Introduction 1 Work related learning assignments/duties Software installations and upgrading 3 Web Design 4 3 Geographic Intormation Systems(GlS Client support 5 Personal and professional benefits during Industrial attachment 5 Gaining a sense of work experience 5