Concert Attendance Report

A total of 4,000 fans definitely cannot be wrong at a rock concert. As a passive listener and a constant critic of the quality of performance at rock concerts, I hope d around up the stairs at the prospect of securing one of the VIP seats. I was unfortunately taken back to where I belonged because I had not secured one during the purchase of the tickets. As an informative listener and a critic of concerts, my main aim was to understand the massage as much as possible. Making best use of concentration and memory, I was sure I would find the answer behind such a huge turn out for the rock concert.

As opposed to relationship listening that is not aimed at retrieving as much information as possible (Lewis, 1979), I am always the critical listener and this concert was not to change that point. The pieces that were performed were more inclined towards the modern rock with Sully Erna of Godsmack achieving the biggest applause for his hit “whatever”. As an informative listener, I know best how to differentiate between quality and noise. The presentation of “whatever” can be described as exceptional. Combined a rhythmic pattern that combines both the taste of country and the modern rock, the concert was a uccess.

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The seating arrangements of the crowd was no different form other concerts in that the VIPs were seated on the seats above the crowd for an excellent view while the rest were on the lower hall.The instrumentation of the Orchestra was a complete combination of symphony orchestra instrumentation which includes the strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion. The strings include the violins, violas and double basses. The wood winds were flutes, clarinets, eboes and contrabassoon, brass was composed of French horns, trumpets and trombones and lastly percussion instruments was a composition of tiampani, tunes percussion and harps (Bernstein, 1970; Rowley, 1992). The seating arrangement of the instrumentation was done in away that it enhanced clear and best harmony of the sound.

This was achieved through the semi- circle arrangement that leaves the lead soloist at the center of the semicircle. The presenters achieved perfect unity through the excellent relationship of all parts by a single idea or theme. The use of variety was extensively exploited in the presentation of the piece “Whatever” by the application of more that three different elements in design that were aimed at creating intense interest. The effort was a complete suuccess. The structure of the song during the entire concert was typically sectional and repeating forms that are often described as strophic structure (Stein and Zalkinc, 1979). The purpose of the music was to convey as much information as possible and provide the maximum entertainment to the audience.

Schmidt- Jones (2010) states that “tempo as a piece of music is its speed that there are two ways to specify a tempo; Metronome markings are absolute and specific and other tempo markings are verbal descriptions which are more relative and subjective”. The tempo of the music during the concert was slow that was laced with some fast movement to ensure maximum effect on the crowd. Due to the large size of the concert hall, the volume of the music was moderate that had complete balance with the sounds of the orchestra. The three characteristics of melody (shape, movement and range) were all in line with other components of the music. Harmony was achieved through the perfect combination of unity and variety that ensured the quality of music was maintained at the best levels for full audience entertainment.

I did enjoy the music during my early adult age bracket when the modern form of rock was having its biggest effect on the traditional rock.