Music Concert Report

Music is one of the greatest creations of human kind in the course of history. It is creativity in a pure form and format. Music plays a vital role in our daily life. It is a way of expressing our feelings and emotions. Music is a way to escape life, which gives us relief in pain and helps us to reduce the stress of the daily routine.

It helps us to calm down; an even excites us in the moment of joy. Moreover, it enriches the mind and gives us self-confidence. There is folk music, classical music, devotional music, instrumental, jazz, rock music, pop music, Hindi movie songs and many more.

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The chamber music concert was held in Armenian School at 5:00 pm Friday, May 1. Many instruments with various types of music conducted the concert. The atmosphere was fairly intense as the concert hall was approximately the size of an average home living room with about 35 people in the audience.

The camber concert was divided into two major parts with an intermission of 15 minutes in between the parts. As for this concert report I would like to focus on primarily the music pieces I’ve liked and the experience I have had. The first part of the concert was diverse and colorful as the beginning two pieces were featured by both violin and cello.

These two pieces were very dark as the continuo bass and steady tempo was continued throughout the entire piece. The melodies came mostly from the cello, which was emphasized the most.

The harmonies were purposefully at times a bit irritating to the ear. As for an average citizen with limited amount of musical knowledge the harmonies were very unusual and difficult to consume. The melodies were at time very emotional with a sudden burst of excitement which maybe an expression of anger. The second part of the concert was limited in variety but with a thicker texture.

The instruments involved only the piano the interesting part however, was that two piano played a single piece as a duet. When I was a kid I had a very special interest for pianos and so this concert was close to my hearth.

Until this day, I have never seen two pianos placed right across each other playing the same piece. The introduction of Mozart’s Sonata for two pianos in D major had a cute back-to-back melody. Mozart wrote that in 1781. The piece sounded as if a couple, just starting a relationship, were singing to each other about their feelings.

The rest of the pieces were done either by a solo or duet but didn’t leave as much as an impression as the sonata for two pianos.

This was my chamber music concert and to be honest the experience was bittersweet. The entire concert was about two hours long. The chamber music concert was an enjoyable evening full of great music and intellectually stimulating experiences of music that I would not have listened to if not for this assignment Afterwards, this concert made me appreciate and like instrumental music more than I used to.

I would really like to attend it again because I really like the sound of violin, piano and all different types of instruments that was played by those amazing people. The only thing that I didn’t like was that the place was a little too small and it was pretty crowded.

But overall it was very interesting to see all those instruments that were new for me and learn how they sound. Diversification is an important lesson to learn when viewing music because all music has roots from another genre and recognizing this makes you more diversified as an individual.