College Jazz Music Report

Music 33 Section : xxxx Samuel Ku, Concert Report #3, 1363xxx (7p. m. April 29th, 2011 Phil Ranelin Jazz Concert) On April 29th, 2011 I went to watch “FRIDAY NIGHT JAZZ SERIES –PHIL RANELIN QUINTET” at the Performing Arts Center in Santa Monica.

The Phil Ranelin Quintet show was my fourth jazz concert and was really looking forward to the event. I still do not fully understand jazz music but I can feel the music in my soul. I was started learning about jazz music from my Music 33 class. I believe that this concert I attend gives me a chance to look deeper into jazz music and American culture.

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The concert venue on Friday night which held the show provided a warm and inviting environment for its guests.

Especially, when attending the show with some friends from my Music 33 class. It made the show and the overall experience much better. Phil Ranelin, the band leader, the tenor Trombone of the group, was accompanied by 4 other musicians. Dan Littletom, the drummer, Measer Balsooriya, the pianist, Treyor Ware, the Double bassist, and Louis Van Taylor, the bass Clarinetist. When listening to them play together, I was absolutely captivated.

Every musician played with enthusiasm.

At the conclusion of the show, Phil Ranelin, the band leader, took time to meet his audience and take their questions. He had a great sense of humor. The first song of the evening was ‘Tear and Alnmena’. All the audience was captivated when it began.

The opening of this music was like another mood’s music more than Jazz as any other country’s traditional music. Totally, the mood of this music was dark and mysterious. The sound of the bass clarinet which I saw first was freshly, and trombone’s main solo playing was also new feature in this concert. The second song was ‘Freddy’s groove’.

The mood of this music was like original jazz genre; however, despite this song was the light song sound was so deep because trombonist led the entire part of this song.

The bass clarinet player changed instrument as alto saxophone. In the section of alto saxophone, trombone player’s cow bell playing was another enjoyment. It was really free style playing. The third song was ‘Prelude to kiss’. This music was medium tempo song.

Flute and trombone did duet playing, and music sound was like more softly because of flute’s sound. Moreover, I heard trombone’s sound very lightly.

The fourth song was ‘One for Johnson’. The trombone and alto saxophone played the intro first, and then main music began. The mood of this music was slower then 2nd music, but faster than 3rd music.

Totally, the trombone and alto saxophone playing was the main listening point of this music. The fifth song was ‘Jamaican Sunrise’. As the music name, when I heard this music, I felt like that I was being on the beach, I was looking sunrise quietly. Certainly, I felt passion from this music, and I thought that this music was the fantastic match with California’s beautiful beach.

The conga, and stick drum sound also made this music’s mood more cheerfully.

Through this concert, I saw the new instrument including jazz like trombone, and bass clarinet. Moreover, entirely all players played all music very freely. I thought that they really feel the their music delightingly. I believe that the concert was well worth the purchase of the ticket. Before I went to this concert, I didn’t know what jazz is at all.

This was simply amazing to my ears and soul. What I learned about Jazz in class was embodied in this concert. unforgettable Friday night!!!