Cons of Bottled Water

Bottled water is everywhere. In vending machines, grocery stores, gas stations, and our fridges. Did you ever think what was in that bottle? Or how the bottle was made? Bottled water is overrated for many reasons people might not always think of. Bottled water is wasteful, harmful to the environment, and expensive. But how can all of that come from a bottle of water? The process of making the bottled water is more than meets the eye.

First the machines in factories have to produce the plastic bottles which wastes plastic and resources we have, to make bottled water. Then you have to clean out the bottles before you can actually put the water into the bottles. According to the Ban The Bottle Committee; “Even if you are recycling your bottles, it’s still a waste of resources. Last year, the average American used 167 disposable water bottles, but only recycled 38.” That’s a lot of plastic wasted! After the bottle is made, cleaned, filled, and packaged, how do you think those water bottles get to your local grocery store? The bottles of water are then shipped in trucks to your local stores.Think about all of the money wasted on gas to transport the bottled water! The Ban The Bottle Committee says; “All of that gas (approx.

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17 million gallons) could keep around 1,300,000 cars on the road for a year.” That’s a lot of wasted gas! If you think about the whole process of making, filling, and shipping the bottled water, you waste so many beneficial and finite resources.Many people say bottled water is easy on the environment because it is recyclable. Although they are recyclable, Americans used about 50 billion plastic water bottles last year. “However, the U.

S.’s recycling rate for plastic is only 23 percent, which means 38 billion water bottles are not recycled”, says the BTB Committee. Plastic that is not recycled is very bad for the environment. Again according to BTB Committee stands up for the environment by saying, “America has the cleanest source of tap water, and yet we are the one’s using the most bottled water. Just hear what Laura Latzko who has a masters in journalism says about the issue in her writing What Happens If You Don’t Recycle Plastic? “Recycled plastic bottles and containers can often be reused to make new goods, such as deli containers, pipes, bottles, tennis balls or condiment containers. Reusing these plastic materials can reduce air and water pollution because power plants do not have to make new plastic for these items.

” Just think about if we don’t recycle! Avoid the problem and use reusable bottles!Another reason why bottled water should be reduced is that bottled water is expensive. John Stossel, who works for Fox and News Channel said, “It costs about 5 bucks a gallon! Why do people pay so much for something we can get virtually free?” Wasting your money on something you can get free doesn’t make any sense! In your tap water the government has put fluoride in your water, which is a mineral that strengthens your teeth. Bottled water filters that out. Why should you pay more when you get less? One reason people pay so much for bottled water is because they like that bottled water comes in different flavors and or it tastes better, according to people interviewed in New York, “I drink Dasani because it tastes good.” There are actually powders that are sold that you can buy and mix into drinks that flavor you water! There are so many different kinds! Another reason people want to buy bottled water is because sometimes you can get carbonated drinks. With a Sodastream you can fill a canteen with water and it will carbonate your water and you can add in different flavors, for a fun carbonated drink.

Typically, those who use bottled water aren’t trying to hurt the environment. Who would? a lot of times, people that use bottled water don’t know that they are hurting the environment, they just want an easy, clean, and convenient drink. We shouldn’t ban bottled water, but we need to either start recycling or use reusable water bottles. There are some places that don’t have a clean source of tap water, and they turn to bottled water that usually the United States sends them especially after natural disasters. Why not send water in reusable bottles? This has the possibility to help save lives and the environment.

Bottled water is such a brilliant idea. It is portable and comes in different flavors. It is even recyclable! Although bottled water is not what it seems. The process of making and filling the bottled water wastes our very valuable sources like oil and water. It trashes our environment.

There are other alternatives to get what you want out of bottled water. You can flavor and carbonate your tap water. Put it in a reusable water bottle and it is exactly like bottled water except you aren’t hurting the Earth and wasting our limited resources. In most cases bottled water is expensive, harmful, and wasteful, but water in reusable bottles are a great idea. Fill up a bottle with tap water, which you can choose the flavor and make it carbonated or not.

You can make your water personalized to how you want it, something bottled water can’t always give you. So next time you go to the store, think about other things you can have instead of a 24 pack of bottled water, buy a reusable filtered water bottle instead!