Dangers and Healthy Alternatives to Reusable Plastic Water Bottles

Reusable bottled water is harmful to the environment, according to Food & Water Watch. Production and transportation releases large amounts of fossil fuels.

Even reusable bottles, such as the beloved Camelbaks, are dangerous to users. Studies have shown BPA-free reusable bottles leach hormone-altering chemicals into your body even before exposing them to the high temperatures found in the dishwasher, according to CertiChem. However, Boxed Water is a healthy and environmentally safe alternative. Boxed Water is a simple concept of water in a carton, according to the Boxed Water is Better website, the well known renewable resource, trees, composes 76% of the packaging. “The trees used to make our box come from certified, well managed forests,” says the founder, Ben Gott.

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Boxed Water is a relatively new company which is based out ofGrand Rapids, Michigan, according the Boxed Water is Better website. The founder claims, “We wanted to start a new water company that has sustainable packaging, gives back to foundations that we feel are important, and has a lower carbon footprint than today’s traditional bottled water.” According to their website, Boxed Water is distributed in Good Food Service Marketplaces which have store locations in Franklin and West Milwaukee. It is also distributed by IndianHead Foodservice and Lipari Foods. Since it is still an expanding company it can also be found and bought at boxedwater.

It is sold in eight, twelve, and twenty-four packs which consist of 500 ml bottles. Each individual carton of water is $1.00, although the eight pack is an additional $2.00 because it is contained in an on-the-go carrier with its own handle. Many plastic products release a chemical which mimics estrogen; therefore creating a chemical imbalance with in your body after drinking. It is usually made present after sunlight exposure, according to CertiChem.

This can have serious medical effects as well, such as infertility, asthma, cancer, heart disease and many others, according to a 2012 medical response abstract found on Endocrine Reviews website. Many Arrowhead High School students purchase plastic water bottles with in their day. Often students don’t consider their water source. Arrowhead sophomore Amanda Catalano claims she uses whatever is available for water. Catalano says, “[When it comes to the environment], I’m a horrible person.” In addition, she says reusable water bottles are more environmentally and personally safe as long as they are BPA free.

But some students claim otherwise. Arrowhead sophomore Kenzie O’shea says they are not safer because throughout time chemicals of the bottle are released.