How to have a Healthy Body & Healthy Mind!

Joining Clubs Open yourself up to trying new things. Join a club or extracurricular activity! There are so many better things to do than sit at home playing video games, watching tv, or being bored after school and finishing your work. Joining after school activities is a great way to be social, make new friends, get a good exercise in, and is beneficial mind wise and body wise. Plus there are so many things to choose from. From sports to plays and many more. Joining sports Joining sports is a great way to be social and active.

It’s a great thing when you’re a part of a brotherhood or sisterhood of the sports the world loves today. Besides, there’s nothing better than being able to call your teammates family like the women’s 2015 USA world cup team.Things like soccer, basketball, baseball and volleyball are all things that involve a team effort that only bring you, your teammates, and friends closer together. NO ONES not needed, everyone’s important and a unique part of the team. This is a great way to get your 60 minutes of being active and going outside. But if athletics isn’t really your cup of tea there are many other things to do.

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The Arts to Robotics Say you’re not really into sports and all that, there are still so many things you can do. Like for instance express who you really are through acting through programs such as stage crafters or drama class. It’s a chance to be a different person besides yourself for day and really express their true character.Or say you’re one to use your mind. Challenge Yourself! Use your mind to create video games instead of playing them or build robots out of Legos and join lego robotics. These are all great things to do besides sitting at your house all day. If you’re into board games then the chess club would be perfect for you. All of these clubs allow you to use your brain in challenging ways and make it grow even more .Joining the art club is an amazing thing your get to improve your skills have a social network with your companions and learn how to do new things. The best part is you’re good at and enjoy.

Reading & Writing If you’re a sucker for a good book then join or start a book club. A great way to be social and enjoy something you love. Or have you taken it to the next level and have even dreamed of being an author join a club that involves writing and help strengthen your work.Sometimes it’s a good thing to break out of your shell and try new things there’s so much more than just going to school and back home! Healthy vs. Junk . There’s much more to being healthy than just doing activities.

You need to also keep a healthy balanced diet. Not saying that you necessarily need to go on a diet,just that you need to balance what you eat out and portion yourself.Eating too much of one type of food category like healthy and junk could lead to serious health and medical issues. Some might think well ok since I’m only eating fruits and vegetables I’m gonna lose weight or will help me stay fit. But in reality, you could cause something to go wrong in your body because just by only eating those you’re not getting enough protein and calories that you need in your system that allows you to have energy and the ability to do things.

Also, people might tellyou that eating junk food isn’t good for you and some of these things that people consider junk food aren’t really junk food. For instance, a cheese burger there’s a big difference in getting a burger from McDonald’s and making one homemade at your own home. The difference is that it is much healthier making it at home instead of getting it from McDonald’s. When you make something at home you’re making it completely from fresh store bought ingredients verses eating something that was premade or frozen from a fast food restaurant. Not that all of them do that.

Like chipotle they have plenty of vegetables, protein, dairy, and carbs which have helped them be categorized as healthy fast food. A way to make sure that you’re eating a healthy balanceis after treating yourself to a delicious treat make sure thatin your next meal or snack that you include a healthy item like carrots and hummus which is just being used as an example but anything that is considered healthy will help you maintain that balance.These are all great ways to have ahealthybody and mind