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Did you know that most teens spend more than 7 and ? hours in front of a screen a day? Are you one of these people? If so, you might be one of the 45 million Americans that are obese by the year 2020! I have been researching the topic of Sports Nutrition for our 8th grade culminating project. Some key things I’ve learned about it are that every athlete needs proper nutrition to perform at the highest level they can! There are special kinds of nutrients that will help you do your best! For example, 3 to 4 hours before a game or competition it is important to eat a good amount of foods containing carbohydrates.

(E.g. breads, pastas, etc.) If you are a girl you might have heard that carbs are “evil” and make you “fat”! …Well, if you are an athlete like me, eating carbohydrates before the big game can give you a surprising boost of energy! By running and working hard you can burn of the carbs and you won’t gain any extra weight! ? It is really incredible to see the difference in my level of energy in a game, and just my overall health! I have found that when I used the information from my research and started eating healthier a lot of things changed in regular aspects of my life. I noticed that I was sleeping better; I could pay more attention in school.

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I would even have more energy to hang out with my friends! One other impactful aspect of the topic I explored described that not eating healthy can be very dangerous to my health! By eating healthy you can lengthen your life span. Think about being all grown up living with a great family. Now thinking about having to leave them behind when you suffer from a heart attack! Living a healthy life style can be very accommodating to staying healthy for the rest of your life! I am starting to realize that people all over the world are not aware of the correct choices to make in eating! I think the way I want this project to impact me is by helping me become a better athlete and just living a healthier life style! I hope that after you reading this you will make better choices in the food you consume!