Consensual Relationship Agreements Case Study

Relationship Agreements Case Study Meshell Grayson Professor Marietta Lewis BUS520 Leadership And Organizational August 15, 2012 Assignment 1 Week 3 Grayson 1 Consensual Relationship agreements in the retail work place has rules to it and boundaries. The types of CRA has been around for some years and it seems to help the employees sometimes. I just feel that you should think about it right before considering one more date with your new co-worker or office partner. Sit back and have a reality check.

By doing that it actually gives you some thought to what you might want to do or even say when approached o sign an Consensual relationship agreement. Basically, it’s an agreement to help both parties but not pursue litigation against the employer if the relationship doesn’t work out at all.

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In most situations especially in retail, you meet new people every day so I feel that once two employees stop dating, one or the other person will believe that the other partner will not treat them right, doesn’t give them any attention and ignores them. If it’s a manager dating an associate and a promotion comes open and they don’t get considered they will feel very uncomfortable as if they ere over looked because the relationship didn’t work out like it should have. Then the next step may be the co-worker probably will get to point to claim that they feel like it is a hostile work Grayson 2 environment now and now has evolved and the employee will probably try to pursue litigation against the employer.

Majority of manager realize that it’s unwise to try to stop all office romances. But, However, the managers are very interested in preventing these on the job relationships from having a negative impact on the employer at the work place. So they bring up having both mployees sign a Consensual Relationship Agreement, the two parties will be put on active notice of their separate rights and responsibilities, both during the course of the relationship and after its possible demise. Even though some employees may feel a bit fearful of waiving future legal rights with the situation, but many people actually feel a bit relieved when asked to sign the Consensual Relationship agreement. They come to the fact to realize that others will be watching and they too will try to help them protect their legal rights. An actual office romances can really eopardize your job security and put other employers and your co-workers on the edge.

I feel that if you every find yourself feeling attractive co-worker or your manager, be very aware of Grayson 3 what you are getting yourself into and also the company policy and relatively new trends in office romance.

It becomes final when you are approached by the store manager about signing a Consensual Relationship Agreement; there are many employees that wonder if they can refuse to sign the CRA. With my research the Consensual Relationship Agreements are voluntary ontracts; employers(managers and assistant managers) should inform both parties that they will not be penalized by the company if they decide not to sign the Consensual Relationship Agreement. However, sometimes it might just be in your best interest to accept the terms in the CRA. Also by signing the Consensual Relationship Agreement does not cause either party to waive any of their rights regarding sexual harassment and wrongful behavior that may occur at a later date and time. But, however, some contracts normally include an arbitration provision.

If ny adversarial action is later contemplated; the situation must be and most likely will be resolved through arbitration proceedings.

That is why it’s always important to ask yourself if Grayson 4 the relationship with your coworker really worth all of the hassle and if you really think it is, you must be prepared to have a personnel officer, store manager or the assistant manager of the retail company come to you with the Consensual Relationship Agreement and with high hopes for your romance that it will either have a very happy ending or at least end amicably, in the nd, regardless of whether you choose to sign on the dotted line. While researching for this paper, I read something that I totally agree with , you should proceed the relationship with caution if you are really contemplating on having an on the job affair or in other word a workplace romance. An office romance can cause you BIG TIME legal problems as well as public embarrassment. Sad but so very true, especially if your workplace lover becomes involved in a corporate scandal, you could be named as an accomplice towards it, also involved into court as a witness to something, again sad but so very true.

All I can say is the workplace romance is a very touchy subject, some employees can get hurt in those dealings. Some employers tread lightly with banning relationships between coworkers. The reason for that is, it can actually Grayson 5 give the appearance with interfering in the personal lives of employees and on other hand, workplace romances can be the source of problems if a co-worker actually member a store manager’s paramour. There are so many possibilities for workplace romances leading to other horrible complaints and situations and sometimes consensual relationships between coworkers an affect employee morale and job satisfaction also the employee productivity. It’s a hard situation. You have some employer instead of the CRA , many employers protect their company by just prohibiting all romantic relationships just because they don’t want to be put in the middle of the position of policing the relationship and dealing with the all of the aftermath of a relationship that goes down the drain.

In addition to prohibiting relationships between a manager and employee, some companies also prohibit family members from working in the same epartment or in the store period or having supervisor roles over the other person in the relation ship, for it will be very obvious. Grayson 6 I feel that if in the event there is no policy that prohibits workplace dating, it would be to the fact where employees would say the workplace is an ideal place to meet someone especially with whom you share common interests. Because after all, the job and your co-workers whom you work with will most likely consume a significant portion of your time. Finding a mate in the workplace could actually be the perfect coupling if you exercise discretion and prudence.

I don’t know why people feel that you have to flaunt the relationship, there is no need for all of that to be done when you are already taking a risk at your job.

I honestly feel that you need to keep your personal life separate from your work life is and that is just a must. The workplace romances have flourished, and it will eventually start leading to one person leaving the employer to preserve the relationship and an element of professionalism. I have honestly learned a lot working on this report and reading article and voicing my opinion on this report.