The decision for CANS Case Study

The nasal strips are the only clinically proven FDA treatment for snore relief due to nasal congestion. The nasal strips were Militantly arrested to sports teams, nasal sufferers and night-time snorers.

The Breathe Right Strips are one of the many products available for consumers to prevent snoring. The Industry for anti-song products Is fairly large. There are snoring pills, mouthpieces, medical treatments, surgery, vaporizes, nasal sprays, nasal dilators, and oral strips.

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CANS has developed a strong brand equity that has separated Itself from regular integrating products because it enables the consumer to use the strips easily without the use of drugs and medication. It is affordable and hassle-free compared to nasal dilators and mouthpieces.

2. As a BRAND, how powerful is Con’s brand image? The company used celebrity endorsements such as famous sports people and artists for successful product advertising, stating claims on how it stops snoring.

This leads to their products being very powerful as it is so famous that it is marketed around the world. Its products are available in different countries, in different packaging and in many languages. It has become a top brand at retailers for consumers who are looking for relief from nasal congestion. Breathe Right stripes being FDA clinically approve to relieve snoring due to nasal congestion only adds to the brand’s readability and image.

3. Describe how the cultural factors would influence Con’s marketing approach toward entering New Zealand?

What similarities exist in other markets where CANS already has a presence that could be duplicated in this market? The disadvantages of CANS going global are local customs of host countries that need to be considered, the lack of name recognition of the brand, the possibility of stronger global competition, having to develop a different marketing approach, and the possibility of different trade regulations. The decision for CANS to go global takes ireful market analysis and an International marketing strategy.

Other countries have different cultures, for example, the color of the packaging. From the video In this study, It shows that they have done good research about different culture factors, for example, In the US, people prefer the dark color packaging because It represents night time to them and makes them feel more comfortable when they sleep. The company must consider the following when launching their products to New Lean.

Do ten International consumers In New Lean also nave tense symptoms and needs? Will the strips be Just as effective on them?

How will they advertise differently to be effective, should they use celebrity endorsements and if so which kind of celebrities? These problems arise when entering a new market. The CANS brand has to do a lot of work to educate the New Zealand customers about their product. The brand will have to use a mix of educative print ads and TV to get the message across the consumers. For example, in the US, testimonials and celebrity endorsements helped the brand to get consumer trials. The same advertising approach could be duplicated in New Zealand with appropriate marketing research and analysis.