Contrasts of hunger

In every corner of the globe there are those that are starving to death while you are reading this and at same time there are people that are eating themselves to death.

This is one of the great faults of our society, that what brings us life and energy, kills us in more ways than one. Obesity and starvation are direct opposites and yet the outcome from both is the same, death. In countries like Somalia and North Korea there are children that starve to death daily adding up to three and a half million starving to death every single year. Over ten percent of people on the planet are undernourished and underfed and while organizations try to combat this problem with relief programs there are always more hungry people. Every year there is another problem such as the civil war in Syria which forced millions to leave their homes and become refugees living off the good will of governments that feed and shelter them. At the same time food prices have gone up because of the war in Iraq making it more expensive to feed people already in need.

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While people die from lack of food there are those that die from too much food. Millions are obese in America and around the world. Overeating causes us to gain weight and also causes numerous heart problems and even cancer. The food we have grown to feed ourselves has caused us many hardships by our over consumption. These problems are of polar opposites, and yet they are of the same thing, food, the lack of it, and the overconsumption of it. There are few solutions to the problem of starvation, for it can be caused by drought, famine, crop shortages, and war.

The events that cause starvation are numerous and yet they all have the same solution, more food. While the issue of obesity is that of consuming too much food, a problem caused by the abundance of food. The solution to the problem of obesity is simple, eat less unhealthy food. This food that we would normally consume we will send to countries without food, and once the people have been fed we will build farms in their farm so they can be independent. Starvation may seem an unstoppable giant of misery, but together we shall defeat this monstrosity of human misery. At the same time we shall control ourselves and consume less, grow more, live better, and we shall take what we have saved and give it to those that have nothing but dirt, so that they may live, so that we will live.

We shall truly be a united world when there are none that die from eating what could give life to those who have nothing to eat. This world will be truly one of greatness when we have ended starvation and obesity.