Converging Roads

God says—”There are millions of ways to choose from. Walk on whichever path suits you.

No matter what you choose, ultimately, that way will lead you to me provided you are focused and determined to reach the endpoint.” People today generally face the problem of selecting the aim of their life. One can be a doctor, an engineer, a writer, a painter, a fashion designer, a psychologist, an artist, a chartered accountant and many other paths. How to decide which is the right one? But that’s the deal. The hardest of all tasks is finding a direction.

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If it were that easy then every other person in this world would be coined a ‘genius’. Some people have an insight from a very little age about what they want to do and they start working from that very moment to make their dream come true. However, the majority roam about trying one way, then leaving it in the middle and picking up another one. Quite a lot of people find every other path much more appealing than the one they are already walking on. And this is where they lose in the game of life.

Everyone wants the benefits without working for it. Little do they know that whichever way one opts the key to success is the same for all. Choose a path and walk on it without anyone’s aid. People like Johannes Kepler, Tiger Woods, Picasso and Michael Jackson reached the same result by different means. Picasso did the same thing in art what Kepler did in science. The basic rules are the same for all.

A person who has achieved excellence in one field can easily achieve it in another. Someone who has mastered the art of playing a piano can also be a painter because he has gained the knowledge of how to reach the Supreme level. Reaching this stage is hard which is why this world knows very few people. ‘The process of refinement’ which one continuously goes through while walking on this path is what makes all the difference.

Due to this drilling, the human brain becomes mature enough to create an understanding towards the particular subject he has chosen. Those who have chosen their fields already and still have not reached their goal are afraid of this drilling. The human mind has a tendency to get bored easily and that’s the main reason why people like to learn new things but once the time comes for practising they leave things half way. ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ is one of the simplest phrases in the English language which is absolutely true and extremely hard to adopt in daily life. To explain the issue more clearly let’s take an example. One day I was trying to solve a question of Maths and even after lots of successive efforts I was unable to solve it.

So I went to my teacher and asked him where I was wrong. He explained it to me and I got hold of my mistake. I, then, gave the same question to my friend to try. The next day she came to saying she tried quite a lot of times and her answer was not coming right. I saw the procedure she had followed and realised that finally the mistake that she had made was the one that I had made the other day. I was quite amused and thought: Okay, soul sisters or what? When I told my teacher about the incident he said—”Frankly, when I had first tried that question I made the same mistake.

And trust me; it’s not coincidence at its height. Actually, the process of learning is the same for all. That is why we make the same mistakes. This is the reason why a teacher always knows where a student can make a mistake even before the student has tried his problem.” Hence, no matter which road one takes, the obstacles will be the same for all though the form maybe different. One is directed towards the same point if he works hard enough and only those people whose mantra is excellence reach that point—the point where excellence meets success.