In life we have a lot of roads and choices to make. We have a lot of paths to go down and decisions to make. There are always consequences to the decisions that we have to make. Some of these consequences are bad, and other consequences are good. Some of the roads that you come down are very tough, but some of them could be just as easy. Each road has an effect on your life.

But coming to roads and making choices are a part of life that we all have to make, everyday. In the book Stargirl, the main character who is Stargirl, is very different from everyone. She does very odd things in school. At one point in the book Stargirl is very popular and everyone likes her and wants to be friends with her. Then she starts to do things that people do not agree with like cheering for the other team, she embarrasses people in the hallway by sing happy birthday to them, and she also makes a ukulele band and calls it the ukedukes. So everyone in the school thinks that she is weird and they even do mean things to her like leave her at a basketball game that was two hours away.

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Stargirl does not care what people say or think about her though. Everyone says mean and nasty comments to her at school but she ignores them and is still nice to everyone. I think that Stargirl took the path in life to be nice to everyone no matter what they say to you. She reminds me of the line in the poem that says. “I doubted if she would ever come back.

” (Frost) She reminds me of this because at the end of the book she leaves and nobody knows or has a clue where she went. Stargirl reminds me of all of these quotes in one way or another. “She was the opposite of cool; she held nothing back.” (Spinelli) This reminds me of Stargirl because she does not care what other people think of her and she will do anything even if people do not approve of it. She took the road to be nice to everyone and ignore the mean comments that people make.

Another quote that reminds me of Stargirl is, “I root for everybody!” (Spinelli) This reminds me of Stargirl because at the basketball games she would cheer and root for anyone no matter what they did or whose team they were on. Stargirl also reminds me of this line in the poem The Road Not Taken by, Robert Frost. “I took the one les traveled by and that has made all the difference.” (Frost) This reminds me of Stargirl because she takes the road that not many people take, and if some people tied to take it their classmates and peers would put them all down. My opinion of the book Stargirl is that you should accept people for who they are.

You should let them make their own choices and go down the path that they want to. You can try to change someone but If they want to go sown a cross road then they will do what they want to and you can not stop them.