Cosi Character Analysis

Cosi Character analysis Lewis -Protagonist of the play -21 years old -Lives in Northcote, a very poor area, near an abattoir -Has left university and is searching for work. “I need money” pg. 1 -Lives with his girlfriend Lucy and friend Nick -At first, he shares the same values as his friends Nick and Lucy, that love is unimportant due to the ongoing Vietnam War. -He finds work at a mental asylum -He begins work with lack of confidence and scared of the patients, but his confidence grows throughout the play -By the end of the play he learns to appreciate love and friendship over war and politics. Lucy -Lewis’ girlfriend Has an affair with Nick -20-23 years old -Doing a MA thesis -Passionate protestor of the Vietnam war -Not supportive of Lewis directing the patients -She supports free love and believes that sleeping with Nick is not a big problem.

Nick -21-24 years old -Doing a thesis and directs student productions -Nicks friend and having sex with Lucy -Very politically active -Very selfish always wants something in return -Heavily involved in the moratorium, a protest against the Vietnam War. Cherry -25-35 years old -Has been in institutions for some time -Has a violent relationship with Doug -She has aggressively romantic feelings towards Lewis Has a flick knife which represents her cold sharp nature -She is cut off from the world, doesn’t know about the Vietnam War -Jealous of Lewis and Julie Doug -Pyromaniac, likes fires -20-30 years old -Has not been in institutions for very long -He likes to ask personal questions -Sexually frank -Impulsive -Can’t be contained -Continuous escapes -Seeks extreme sensations Roy -40-50 years old -A mental patient who has spent much of his life in institutions -Suffering from manic depression -Has a passion for theatre and is the one who decides to play Cosi -He grew up moving from orphanages and foster families Likes to put people down to make himself feel better -Wants to be like Lewis -He is delusional Henry -40-50 years old -Former lawyer who is not a patient. -Has spent much of his adult life in institutions -Very shy, stutters and tries to avoid eye contact with others -Suffers from a disability in his left arm (though it is fake) -Takes orders from Roy -In the end of the play when performing he has confidence and does not stutter -Henry is supportive of the Vietnam War and is very proud of his father’s contributions at war. Julie 21-25 years old -Is in a mental institution for the first time because of drug dependency -Falls for Lewis -Has a girlfriend outside the asylum who she return to in the end -Opinionated and appears to be of the most ‘normal’ patients -Sees life in terms of drugs – always makes a connection to them Ruth -30-40 years old -In and out of institutions -Has obsessive compulsive disorder -Always need to know everything specifically (real or fake coffee, how many steps) -Needs to feel comfortable -Preoccupied with the truth, reality and illusion Ruth’s journey was of benefit – coming to terms with different types of ‘truth’ -Leaves the asylum successfully Zac -25-30 years old -The musician of the group who has been in and out of mental institutions -On prescription drugs -Pervert Justin -30-40 years old -Social worker who organised the patients from the mental institution to be a part of the theatre project. -Supportive, but doesn’t help Lewis much -He is patronising towards the patients -Represents society’s view on the mentally ill.

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