Cosmetics Company

This is a presentation to advice the management to buy cars for the sales team of a cosmetics company. I am a consultant requested to offer a recommendation in PowerPoint about the best bank chosen to offer loans to purchase the cars. The company deals with the production as well as sale of NIVEA body lotions and deodorants. The company is called Nivea Ltd. The cars were to be bought using a loan from a bank.

Consequently, two banks placed their bids and a choice between the two was to be made so that the cars would be purchased as soon as possible. Of the two banks in bid I chose and thereby recommended bank A over bank B. The preferred bank A proved to be more authentic and reliable as compared to the second bank B. The bank has reliable loaning schemes as well credible accounting systems. In addition, the bank allows the cosmetics company to take longer period of time before paying the installments.

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The bank also has very competitively affordable bid. The second choice bank helps the company determine the qualities of the two banks in order to genuinely propose or oppose the recommendation. The bank has a less competitive bid as compared to bank A who quoted a lower price in experiment. The bank only allowed huge installments within a short time such that a client would be restricted to the bank installments. In addtion, the previous users did not find it reliable.

Bank A also has fluctuating loaning schemes. It improves working standards as well as easing advertising. Use of cars also enhances competitiveness. Company sales cars are cost effectiveness as well as ease in making sales. Loan repayment in small installments is usually spread over a long time. Additionally the sales teams in the regional centers often communicate with each other.

The presentation audiences are the employees and management of NIVEA Company. They will listen to the recommendations passed across together with the reasons for choosing bank A. The context of the presentation refers to a recommendation to the sales company.The purpose of this presentation is to clarify the bank chosen to offer loans needed to buy sales cars for the NIVEA Company. The subject is concerned with increasing sales and cutting down on cost to rent cars.

As a consultant the choice to have bank A provide the loans shall be appropriately important. Outline of Expected questions (10 questions) Is the bank chosen reliable enough? – Yes, it has been operational for a long time. Does the bank have credible accounting system? &– Sure, they have huge financial turn over. How much shall the bank installments be? – The installments shall be relative dependent on the amount of loan. Is the bank able to adjust to the growing demands of the company since sales are going to expand? – Yes the bank has a large liquidity and shall be able to adjust.

How shall the employees be taught in order to acquire adequate training? – The ones with driving licenses will be used first then others shall have to acquire licenses in the mean time. How long is the chosen bank willing to offer the installments? – A minimum of ten years. Shall the sales cars make working easier or complicated to employees? – Sales shall be easier and larger areas shall be covered. How do we believe that the sales vehicles are viable and applicable for working in a company? – They help reduce losses and improves standard of the company. The staff workers are free to ask questions regarding the methods necessary to train all of them. How secure is the banking system in regard to the governments’ organization? – The banks security has advanced in the recent past.