Courage, you see it all around you all the time.

Sometimes more than others but it’s always there; in the back of your head, or the scene of someone being courageous. Because courage is every where, in everybody its something that makes you, to do something bold, something brave. It makes you outgoing and crazy, sometimes maybe even a hero. It could also be shown in peoples life’s like Stuart Scott cancer battle, Malala Yousatzai teachings against terrorist, andalso Skeeter and the maides writing about the hard times in life. The courage shown from Stuart Scott is big for him and most people.

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One reason why his courage was and still is huge for him and others is because he was diagnosed with cancer. Which is really hard for some people to take, it really is hard for anyone to take; especially him and his family. But he didn’t let cancer stop his life, he turned his life around, because he wanted to kick cancers butt. So he decided to join a gym and workout everyday ever since he got cancer. The reason why he joined a gym was the biggest reason why he shows lots of courage within his fight.

He said the reason why he works out everyday if to help himself feel alive and not like hes going to die any day now, but the feels alive when he gets winded and hurt. He also said that he doesn’t go and get treatment because he might be at stage 4 cancer and he doesn’t want to have to tell his family that. That would have to be the worst news to break to your family. Also he said that he doesn’t want to be stuck in a hospital all day and all night. He said he wanted to be up and out kicking cancers butt, and thats how he was courageous standing up to cancer.

Another Show of pure courage is shown by Malala Yousatzai. Her courage should and i think is know around the world because of her actions that she took to help the girls in her country. All the girls in the country were banned from learning because of this terrorist group from within its country. Throughout all the death threats and the people killing about it she still teaches young girls and talks about it on her Youtube channel. She said she will never stop teaching girls because they have a right to learn and no one should makethem stop having a chance at having an education.

Malala is also like the boston marathon helpers or the people that went into the aftermath of the bombing to help all the injured people. It takes courage to do thatbecause they had no idea if there were more bombs or not, to risk their lives for others. So that is proof that Malala’s teachings and the helpers at the boston marathon were both courageous because they risked their lives for the greater good for others. Finally, the last thing to help me show how courage is in anyone is within the movie and book “The Help.” But its not everywhere in the movie or book, there is also lots of cowardness in the movie and book. Some people in particular were very courageous though.

Like Skeeter, she knew writing about the “help” and helping them spread word about their job is against the law at the time, but she did it anyways because of her dream job of being a writer. Also Aibileen and the rest of the maids that helped skeeter with the book, because of their courageous acts she could be a famous writer, but they could also go to jail or get killed because of their actions. But what the maids did was something strong and uplifting that even know the majority of the people say not to do something, they did it because it was the right thing to do. Some of the “majority” are mostly made up of the cowardness. The biggest coward is Elizabeth Leefolt because of the scene where Hilly Holbrook was in Elizabeth’s house and Hilly fired Aibileen because she “stole” a silver spoon.

Aibileen’s owner Elizabeth just stood there and let it happen. She let the person that raised her toddler just leave because Hilly said so. Another sign of cowardness is shown when skeeters mom fires her maid because her maids daughter came in to see her and Skeeters mom just won a award and the people that gave it to her told her to fire her so she had to fire constantine. That is how there is lots courage and lots of cowardness in the movie and book the help. In conclusion, courage can not be won or obtained by doing something or showing someone something you have to find it within you. Its from your heart and in your mind, you will never get it from someone or from a magical tempel, its within you and how you express it.