Creation of an Academic City in Abu Dhabi

Individual reports The three students in this group had a task to accomplish towards this project. Mahgoub El Hussein was responsible for carrying out the surveys in the households.

Harmed Al Khoory was responsible for analyzing the data and coming up with the pie charts. Mohammed Khalaf responsibility was to compile the literature concerning the entire project. In order to complete the task, each of the students had to reach out to reliable sources in order to ensure accountability. Mahgoub had to travel around Abu Dhabi, Harmed had to ensure that he was eloquent in coming up with graphs and explaining the results while Mohammed had to study results fro mother scholars in order to compile information justifying the project. Mahgoub’s role was crucial since it helped in getting the statistics on which the formation of the city was based.

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Khoory’s contribution helped the lay man to understand the presented information in an easy way. This ensured that the results were helpful to any party interested in the project. Mohammed ensured that the explanations of the basis of the study were based on reliable information. Introduction Education is the key to development and economic growth of any nation. Literacy levels must be enhanced in order to record development. Literacy is the driver of economic growth.

This is due to the fact that literate individuals are in a position to coordinate variables so as to ensure that they benefit from the endowed resources within their nation. Countries all over the world are at the forefront to ensure that they utilize their resources effectively in such a way that they are in a position to expand their economies. While doing, education is at the top of the list of the sectors that they are seeking to enhance. This paper seeks to find out the levels of literacy prevailing in Abu Dhabi. It also seeks to find out the value of education and accessibility of education in the city.

While doing this, the paper will be seeking to find out how the citizens of Abu Dhabi perceive issues related to education. This is because the researchers’ aim is to create an academic city in Abu Dhabi. The results of the research are aimed at guiding the policy makers in decision making in regards to matters related to education advancements in Abu Dhabi. The research will base its analysis through surveys around Abu Dhabi. This will be done so as to be sure of the perceptions of individuals on the sort of education provided in Abu Dhabi. This research is also aimed at increasing the possibilities of attaining good education within Abu Dhabi (Spring, 2008).

Background information From early 1970s, education in Abu Dhabi began being upgraded. This was an initiative aimed at ensuring that young people, both males and females, had access to education. This was greatly enhanced through the continued establishment of primary and secondary school institutions in Abu Dhabi. This initiative progressed seeing to it that there was even the introduction of university institutions. However, over the years, Abu Dhabi has recorded a rapid increase in population.

This implies that the population increase has gradually surpassed the available spaces within Abu Dhabi’s education sector. This has necessitated the introduction of a program whereby some of the citizens in bu Dhabi have to attend college abroad at the expense of the government. This has all be in the quest to acquire the knowledge that they need in order to secure job opportunities around the world. In 2006, Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) implemented a policy that ensured that all pupils were in a position to attend school without paying any fees. This was a step aimed at ensuring that every citizen, irrespective of their background, was in a position to attend school.

However, that has not solved the problem of adequate education in Abu Dhabi. Private investors have shown interest in developing the education and academic systems in Abu Dhabi. This has been demonstrated through the attempts to start private schools. This has been in the quest to make Abu Dhabi an academic city. Many investors are of the opinion that development can only be enhanced if there is provision of quality education to every person who shows interest in the same.

An interview carried out by the Oxford Business Group indicated that ADEC main aim was to ensure that it does not only provide education, but also employment. However, they were able to establish that the tutorial kind of education system offered in Abu Dhabi could be detrimental. This is because students do not get enough time to learn all the concepts that they should within the short time that tutorial last (Oxford business Group, 2009). Description One of the largest academic drivers is education. Abu Dhabi is the second greatest city in United Arab Emirates.

This implies that there are numerous development opportunities. This creates the need to have a sound educational system. This would ensure that the city does not outsource experts to run certain economic sectors. This will lead to the increase in the national income that is generated within the economy.Location economies Abu Dhabi is recognized worldwide as being one of the biggest cities.

This recognition is an added advantage in the event that it is developed into an academic city. This is because of its already existing fame. It would be a destination for many individuals seeking to attain higher levels of education. Currently, many foreign institutions have been established in the city. This is an indication that the city is open to the international education standards.

Therefore, it would be easier to make Abu Dhabi an academic city as compared to other cities across the globe. The location of Abu Dhabi has a big influence on the success that would be achieved if it is made into an academic city. Employment opportunities Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates. This implies that it houses most of the financial institutions and federal government offices. This means that there are many job opportunities that are in existent within the city. Creating an academic city would give assurance to the students enrolling in these academic institutions of the availability of employment opportunities upon completion of their studies.

Also, the city is renowned for the expanded industrial sector. This means that the individuals who would enroll in the institutions would be of great benefit to the city at large. Survey information In order to come up with the correct data on the creation oof an academic city, a survey would be necessary so as to determine the responses of the citizens in Abu Dhabi. This would be important in the determination of the suitability of the creation of the academic city. It also forms the basis in putting forward the claim of the academic city as a necessity. The survey would be carried out through the issuance of questionnaires.

These questionnaires would be distributed among students and parents in order to capture their views on the issue. Data would also be collected through carrying out interviews with various correspondents from the education sector. These individuals would be viewed important to the study in providing statistics in regards to the status of education in Abu Dhabi at the moment. They would give light on the number of individuals who have to travel abroad in order to attain certain levels of education. These statistics would also be useful in the determination of the importance of creation of an academic city.

Data would be collected in existing academic institutions, in offices and in the residential areas. This would ensure that the research reaches out to all the people concerned with the level of education in Abu Dhabi. The surveys carried out indicated that the percentage of students attending schools in Abu Dhabi is 52%. Those attending the international schools in Abu Dhabi are 28% while those attending school abroad are 20%. This is an indication that there is need to create an academic city in Abu Dhabi. This will ensure that all the students are accommodated within the schools that are established within the city.

This creates a large [pool for the available employment opportunities in Abu Dhabi. During the survey, an analysis of the results indicated that most of the residents were in support of the creation of an academic city. Particularly, parents were in large support of the initiative. They gave reasons such as the loneliness of their children when they have to travel to foreign land in search of education. Precisely, 76% of those interviewed were in favor of the idea while 24% of those interviewed did not agree.The prospects of the study had indicated that creating an academic city would increase job opportunities for the students.

This is given the fact that Abu Dhabi is an industrial centre and the capital of the United Arab Emirates. 80% of the respondents agreed with this view while 20% did not agree with the logics. They argued that attaining education from abroad means that these students would have more job opportunities rather than attaining education from the local institutions. The research had speculated that the creation of an academic city would increase national income. This view was not fully supported by those interviewed. The speculation was based on the fact that it was anticipated that the rate of outsourcing experts in various fields would decrease.

This would mean that the GDP would increase tremendously. However, only 85% agreed with the speculations while 15 % disagreed. Recommendations The creation of the academic city in Abu Dhabi is highly recommended. This is based on the fact that most of the respondents are in agreement with the initiative. This implies that the establishment of the city will be beneficial to the target group.

Also, the benefits accrued to the academic city are many. This will ensure that the economy of Abu Dhabi grows tremendously.