Aims of Academic Study

This essay will explore the aims of academic study and various ways of achieving them in accordance with the goal of using education to promote the economic development of society. Education is a pillar of a society and economic growth, as it plays an important role in the development of both entities. Student performance guarantees a career or a learning path which can be pursued through college and university.

Academic study equips a student with skills to improvise and earn in a professional field (for example MBA in marketing, PHD in Economic and development).Academic study teaches to read and write inclusive of research work about specific subjects for example accounting, economics, law and medicine therefore it helps to polish information, ideas and knowledge of human being. The aims of academic study are concerned with numerous goals. The most vital goal is to prepare for a career. Many people wish to learn and develop their personal growth because they relish learning more about new and old skills to thrive in the industry.These impacts help members of society to promote positive interchange of information and ideas on theories and philosophy on nurturing of students at home and schools for consistent economic and social growth in the world globally as a village.

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Academic education broadens the horizon of knowledge on specific subjects for a better and brighter future. Student performance is very vital to achieve higher grades with logical understanding of the concepts learnt at from school to university.In order to develop and improve, a student must know about his/her own strengths and weaknesses, in order to learn from their mistakes and communicate with their teachers more rationally to study their subjects in more logically and deeply for upgraded results. The influences which affect the progress of academic education are infinite. Major aspects are motivation of students, teachers and parents which is related to availability of funds and resources from the government.The student is dependent upon teachers and parents from early life of school, therefore teachers, parents and government bodies work as a unit to bring up their children appropriately ,in order to meet the bench mark of developed nations to grow and prosper as a peaceful society .

Due this reason motivation plays an acute role in consistency of education for students to be triumphant in their goal of life without realizing the difficulties of study life.Recent developments and research about the education system have shown that class size and method of teaching has rich impact on the performance of the pupils in school . The pupils grades improve due to individual attention as it stimulates more class participation. Moreover, physical activities induce more positive behavior from students..

Academic study is portal for growth of mind and soul, and it empowers us to to improve our society for existing and future generations.