Aims and Scope

This is an inter-disciplinary journal seeking to boost a scholarly understanding of African countries, their traditions, changes and progress across Africa, as well as ranking African countries globally in the social and political economies. As depicted from the movie, the theme of the movie revolves around social sciences and it expounds on the social dimensions of the broader humanities, science and technological advancement. General trends in social changes are well cited in this movie. All episodes in this movie have undergone a rigorous review based on the pre-editorial screening.

Discussion The film highlights the social and economical degradation of black South Africans by the colonialists. There seems to be a conflict between the setup conflict between the local film industry and those managed by the colonists. The impact of AIDS on South Africans is fully examined by Darrell Roodt, in this film and it enabled him win an award on “inaugural human rights film award “at the 2004 Venice film festival. He puts tireless efforts on the local film industry and is striving to escape from difficult realities of this world he submerges himself in, thus HIV/AIDS condition.This documentary also focuses on the effectiveness of the truth and reconciliation commission regarding the forgiveness among the village dwellers .it cross examines the possibility of forgiveness in relation to the inhuman acts such as stigmatization of those who lived with AIDS.

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The performance of the actor tends to cite such acts and he shows his dislike for this tendency. This film exposes the audience to certain marginalized communities which happen to be technological backward and where many are seem to be homeless. Majorities are desperate; this plays a great role in promoting deviant behavior and this in return threatens the security of the people living there. This gives rise to a cycle of poverty. Society at this level calls for social integration with an aim of eradicating poverty and this results into the so called the social classes as the haves tend to separate with the don’t haves.

The poor are depicted as hardworking as they keep on striving to at least make ends meet. From the film, we see Yesterday embracing hard work by tilling the field to plant enough food, cutting fire wood and taking home and at the same time endeavoring to keep her daughter stimulated and occupied.