Scope Statement Case Study

How has the organization handled changes and upgrades in the past? How much support and training will there be for the users for new hardware and software? What will be the estimated budget and end date? Howard, 2007). Scope Statement rhea scope statement is an agreement among the project team, the project sponsor, and key stakeholders.

It represents a common understanding of the project for the purpose of facilitating communication among the stakeholders and for setting authorities and limits for the project manager and team (Sieving, 2007).

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The scope tenement includes relating the project to business objectives. It describes the goals, the deliverables, and documents what a successful conclusion to the project looks like. Regularly reviewing the project scope statement can increase your chances for a successful project and keep your stakeholders expectations aligned with the goals of the project ( Sieving, 2007). Green Computing Research Project – Project Scope Statement An extensive report on the green computing will be done which will include a financial analyst and recommendations on what green computing cosmologies to implement.

With a budget of $500,000, $300,000 is going to internal staffing and the remaining balance will be applied to outside sources and green technology research documents. Research the benefits of green computing and how it will affect the organizations production. Look at which areas would be more beneficial to the organization to be converted to green computing and cost of implementing those changes. Discuss with the stakeholders where they wanted to Implement green technologies and what kind of green technologies they were looking o incorporate.