Scope Statement

Briefly describe the project desired by the customer, Mr.. Karl Carr? Include the project objectives.

Mr.. Karl has started new business. For this business, he needs Information system for managing inventory. Therefore, he wants to develop project about automating delivery system In order to supply the products to their retailers. The project should be implemented In two months according to the scope of the project which is identified by team member.

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. 2. What Is Kart’s role on the project? Bill’s role? Luke and Suntan’s role?

Mr.. Karl Is customer who wants to develop project about manage Inventory for his business. For this reason, Mr.

. Karl comes to this company In order to Implement Inventory system. Bill Is project manager of company. He Is responsible for application of knowledge, skills and techniques to project satellites and Integration of project processes of defining, planning, executing, monitoring and delivering. Luke and Susan are the members of project team who actively work on the project during the lifetime of the project.


Why did Karl and Bill meet to review the project’s scope tenement and sign the scope statement before executing the project? Identifying the project scope is important part of defining project process. Karl and Bill meet to review the project’s scope statement and sign the scope before executing the project because project manager should ensure that the project includes all the work required to complete the project successfully. Bill wants to make sure about description of the project, including the objectives, planned deliverables, and requirements.

This is important to focus the project on completion successfully.

Project manager and customer can identify about planning tools and measuring project success or achieving project goals. 4. What is this project’s priority matrix? (Describe using the format provided in the session 3 class presentation, “Defining the Project”) Project priority matrix shows us relative importance of criterion’s related to cost, time, and performance parameters. In this project, time is the fixed and unchangeable requirements of projects. Finishing project on time is very crucial for success of project.

According to this project scope plan, project must be completed thin the two months. Karl is very strict about this deadline requirement. In addition to this, Karl wants to add new features to project during the developing project. These requirements will bring extra cost for Karl. However, additional cost does not create problem for Karl. Going over budget Is acceptable for Kart’s company.

5. What went wrong with this project? This project’s scope Is defined during the requirements analysis phase of a project by project manager and customer.

After defining project scope statement, customer wants to add some more features to the project. First, Karl said that he needed procurement module along with web interface. Therefore, inventory should be manager accepted this additional requirement without asking to project team members. Then, Karl wanted to increase project scope with a new requirement.

He said that he needed to connect web interface with social media integration. Bill accepted this new feature regardless of project’s latest finish date and lifetime of project. Then, Bill had meeting with Susan and Luke to talk about new features.

Susan and Luke said that it was not possible to complete on time because project am needed new resources. All these requirements did not include in scope of project. This situation is example of scope creep.

Project scope creep occurs due to additional changes in requirement during the project life cycle. In addition to this, Bill did not discuss with project team if this changes applicable for project scope statements. In this case, poor requirement analysis and poor communication between project manager and team members caused project scope creep. 6. What should Bill have done to prevent the project from failing?

When Karl wanted to new changes in the project, Bill should have informed to project team about new features and requirements. After discussing new requirements with team members according to project scope statements, he should have talked with Karl about acceptability of additional changes.

Bill could have offered an alternative for Karl project. For instance, if changing scope of project is really important for Karl, Bill and his project team would have redefine the scope of the project which could result in changes in deadline or cost of the project.