Explain the Points of View from Different Stakeholders Seeking to Influence the Strategic Aims and Objectives of Each Organisation

College Students as a non-profit stakeholders are really important to college, because without them college wouldn’t be able work. Whole point of College is to teach students a subject they pick to learn.

College is giving opportunity for students to come and learn what they would like to study. This is a purpose of college, because as an organization that’s what they want to achieve. Subject that college is offering to students are important not only for students who are taking this subject to learn but also for college itself.College possessing range amount of subject can bring more students to come to them to learn, without them college will have less students and that will impact on them. Employees are working in college to make it work better and without failure.

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To Employee who are working in college we can add security, technician, teachers, managers, people who are working in financial department and plenty other people. Employees are working for students to make them come to college and study subject they want to do.Teachers are coming to teach students and prepare them for University if some of them want to improve their knowledge. Another reason that employees are working is to earn money. They studied to work in such a place like college, to give their knowledge to young people who will to learn. Employee is working not only to earn money to live but also to get more money, to get promotional opportunities.

Government is another stakeholder who’s influence on college is really important. Government is the one who is giving all money to educate young people which means is giving some money to colleges.Money given to college is used by them to pay staff for their work is also used to pay for any changes they are making it in the buildings. New equipment is paid by governments money. Money is big issue for both of government and college, because when country is changing something and founding are decreasing college needs to make some changes as well which can lead to possessing less working place for everyone working already in college and loosing jobs. Another good change that can influence college is the level and all the changes made in education.

Which means when government is changing omething in education that means all qualifications are change as well and is important for college to know what is updated, because they are teaching young people subjects. McDonald Customers are really important stakeholders for this company, because of them organisation can work. As a company who is making food McDonald has to make sure all the products and service is on high level. Customers are coming to McDonald to buy some food they are making for them so they expect to have good quality food and it should taste really good. Customers expect also to have good price for food they are ordering.Service and place in McDonald is important for people as well, because people doesn’t want to come to dirty place where you can’t sit and eat your fresh made meal.

Customer service in McDonald is very important, because when people are coming to complain about anything employees need to solve their problem not only to show that customers are important for them but also they respect them. Supplies are another important stakeholder for McDonald as a company. Their reputation dependent from food they are selling. McDonald expect from supplies the best quality products they are offering for them.Product those are showing if they are respectful towards McDonald. Supplies are expecting good money for their product which means McDonald is checking first their quality to make sure the price they are giving for their products is on level it is expected to be.

McDonald expect from supplies to make sure all the products will be delivered at particular time McDonald want them to deliver and without any failure. Local and National Communities are another stakeholders which are important for McDonald. This stakeholder have influence not only for this company but also for every company who is in the same marketing.When price for food globally is increasing it means that all supplies need to increase their price for products. Increasing price for product from supplies are making McDonald spend more money for food they will use to make their meals. McDonald has to somehow increase price for their meals as well, because as a company they are looking to have profit out of selling.

Prices for meals need to be somehow increased but they also has to look at customers, because if their prices will increase to much then customers will stop coming and buying there, which finally fallows us to decrease profit.