Credit This

Long practices plus long nights of homework is too much to deal with after school. Student athletes barely have time to get some sleep.

When people are tired they are less focused during the day. This causes them to not be as good in school. There is a simple solution to this. High school sports should count as a PE credits. On a day to day basis, I see this scenario happening.

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My brother comes home from lacrosse practice around five, then he has to do about and 2 hours of homework. He always looks exhausted. If the school districts made sports count as PE credits then students would have more time to get work done. Instead of taking a gym class, they could take a study hall in its place. This would make it so the athletes wouldn’t have as much homework at night.

Not as much homework means more sleep. More sleep means you’re not as tired. If you’re not as tired then you are more focused. More focus means more work gets done. More work, better grades.

The question is, how do you know if the sport counts as a credit or not? For the sport to count, the student has to participate 80% of the time. The sport would have to meet all the skills that a PE credit does. If it is a sport they play in gym, then it’s pretty obvious that it should count. Also, if you’re not as tired, more effort is put into sports and school. If you put more effort in then it would be easier to get the 80% participation.

Which would help you in school because Your body also wouldn’t be crying for rest. Bottom line, sports as PE credits have no negative results. Only good can happen from this first class decision. So tell a teacher your ideas. Get sports to count as PE in your school.