Crime in Chicago

Crime is an illegal action to the government and is punishable by law. An individual can indulge in a criminal offence either to a fellow individual or to the government. For instance, the US constitution guarantees all forms of murder as criminal offences. Therefore, individual murders, homicides and genocides all fall under the category of criminal offences. Past crime studies indicate that the level of crime prevalence is high in the city of Chicago.

We can see this by looking at the murder rate statistics. As per the statistics in the year 2002, the city of Chicago had registered a total of 571 murder cases, considering that year was only 90% complete. This was 7% above the rates in the year 2001 by a similar time of the year (McCormick, 2002). There are specific salient features that characterized the murder cases the police recorded in the city of Chicago in 2002.First, one could note that the murder cases followed a certain geographical pattern.

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For instance, most of the murder cases were prevalent in areas that were poor economically. This is a trend that crime researchers have tried justifying, though up to date, there are no direct links between poverty and criminal activities, especially murder cases. Another observation of the crime cases by the year 2002 was that most of perpetrators of murder cases were of the age cohort of 17-24 years. In fact, crime researchers named the age category the killing age. This is true because researchers found out that a majority of the murder cases were not of passion, but came due to disagreements in narcotic deals and gangs (McCormick, 2002).

Similarly, researchers observed some trends in the murder cases in terms of race. In the year 2002, not less that 7% of murder criminals were whites. This means that a majority of the criminals were African origin (McCormick, 2002).In conclusion, crime data indicate a fluctuating rate in the level of murders. There are, however, extremely minimum hopes that this rates will reduce.

This is because most of the citizens living in the city have come to terms with the murder rate of 600. This means that as long as the figure remains at 600, the police department, the government, and even the public, will do little to fight murder cases.