Essay on The Great Chicago Fire

His shirt was on fire. His back was burning. Finally, he hit the cold hard ground dead. This is the story of the Chicago fire, the fire destroyed Chicago’s flaws, also the fire that set us up for achievement and the fire every one in Illinois knows about. First off, the Chicago Fire of 1871 destroyed Chicago’s flaws. Chicago was built primarily out off wood even home labeled fire proof had wood involved in their building.

The point was it was not safe. Then when the fire burned the buildings down they didn’t use wood to rebuild. They knew wood burned and crumbled easily so they used cement steel and other metals. The fire was an experiment though it failed it set us up for achievement. Also the Chicago fire set us up for achievement. Though it destroyed 2000 acres of land it gave architects those acres of land to build the amazing skyscrapers that we see today.

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The fire can be referred to as a good thing because it cleared the land, giving architects 1/3 of the city to build on. The fire could have started for a reason; its purpose was to clear our land and to make the city more enjoyable. Finally the fire is known everywhere in Illinois. It is know to be the most disastrous event in Illinois. It destroyed 2000 acres of land, killed 250 people, and destroyed 200 million dollars in property damage. It was a disaster even before the fire.

Before the fire only an inch of rain fell since July till October 17 when the fire started. During the fire was even worse people were running and screaming all looking for water to hide in. Also the fire started in the poor part of the city when a cow knocked over a lantern. Then the fire grew and grew until it destroyed the heart of the city. Everyone remembers and they can stop thinking about it.

The Chicago fire should be in the hall of fame because it destroyed Chicago’s flaws. It made sure that we would never use wooden buildings ever again. Then it set us up for achievement. If not for the fire the Willis tower might not have existed. Finally it is very widely known.

In a way this makes Chicago more famous.