Crime Prevention Safety Audit

According to a safety audit I conducted, it dawned to me that tender care must be ensured as many buildings which may seem very elegant outwardly are in the real sense vulnerable futile risks. I intended to carry out a kind of a research at ‘Dallas’ library building which is actually situated at the outskirts of my home town.

I intended to further research in details the risks the building is exposed to and hence try to come up with relevant solution to remedy the same. The building was intended to cater for the needs of many people who reside within the area local area. There arose a demand for this kind of a commodity putting into consideration the fact that majority of the people living in this particular area are literate. I intended to survey all the positive and also negative facts about the building. This report would in turn assist in making the relevant changes to this building in order to upgrade its reputation and make it more elegant even to those people who visit the area. The building looks very attractive and especially when one views it at couple of miles away.

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It actually seems to be a very tall building more so when viewed at a distance, a view which is just proved exaggerated as one approaches the base of the building. It is a four storey building built of blocks. It is brown painted though it might not be that easy to recognize this as the paint has somehow faded away. The building has eight doors as at each level there are two doors. Overall, it has twelve windows even though some of the panels are cracked while others are completely broken. It is also relevant to note that the old looking building has been roofed using blue colored tiles and this has helped it retain its good look though old just like time has it.

Immediately just a meter or so from the structure’s foot, some colorful flowers planted in a regular pattern can be observed. The rest of the court yard is dominated by green grass trimmed to an equal height. At the rear part, a swimming pool which serves the visiting people has been constructed. At the extreme end of the parking lot, there is a play ground which serves various sporting games namely football, hockey, basketball, volleyball and then netball, all thanks to the size of the ground. It is at this particular point that several shopping canteens where visitors buy the required items, mostly goodies, have been located.

The building’s address has been printed with big black letters which are visible at a distance, that is, 503980400940, Dallas. Some of the fascinating things around are that the place has adequately quenched the recreational desire for the visitors. Those who are not interested in games may watch movies or get access to the internet as the prerequisite installments to cater for such recreational facilities are available. This ensures that none of them is idle and that everyone enjoys themselves to the maximum. The library also holds various types of books by different authors worldwide. This has proved useful as besides the fact that one opens up their mind through wide reasoning, also considering that most of the residents around as highlighted formerly are of course literate hence they at least have a place to spend their time constructively, all thanks to the adequate facilitation of the library.

Internal security: Though there is a lot to be admired, one may develop a number of misgivings owing to some facts encountered during the safety audit. Most of the window panels are broken while the remnants are of low quality hence very brittle. Surprisingly, all the doors are wooden and at least four of them are terribly cracked and one is easily visible while in the library. Rationale: The cracked panels have exposed the inside of the library and this poses a risk to the books as they even might be rained on hence being damaged. It is also notable that the doors which are wooden make the libraries content vulnerable to theft as they can easily be broken into. Close scrutiny brought to light the truth that even door hinges are completely damaged and can easily break.

This further poses more serious risks to the welfare of the library. Recommendations: There are various strategies that ought to be put into consideration in order to counteract the several limitations. Both the broken and cracked panels should at least be replaced with other better ones. Consideration of theirquality is also prerequisite as fake panes are highly brittle. Tough measures should also be passed pertaining to the maintenance of the panes.

Culprits associated with associated offences should be dealt with accordingly. The wooden doors ought to be replaced with metallic ones to enhance more security as they cannot be easily broken into. External security: Still, after closely scrutinizing the parking lot fence, one comes into terms with the fact that the wire made fence can easily be cut and this exposes the parked cars to a risk of being stolen. The swimming pool is never covered and throughout it is ever exposed. Rationale: Ill-intended strategies by evil doers may eventually lead to harmful commodities being disposed to the pool. This may consequently negatively impact on the certain affected individual.

Recommendation: The parking lot fence should be replaced with an electric fence which is a little bit secure and not prone to vandalism. A qualified guard should also be employed to always man the people’s property cum the people themselves. The pool should be completely covered and be manned by a guard whose job is to strictly ensure the welfare the swimming pool. Lighting: Installation of the lighting system is almost adequately set to the standards. Immediately one approaches the main entrance point, big security lights have been properly set with the light striking even at a nearby school premises.

Some other several light bulbs have been established at the top most of the building as well as inside the rooms. The bulbs are not protected as they are just exposed to the entire environment.Rationale: Exposure of the bulb is another probable risk as they can easily be stolen by vandals or even broken by ill-intended people. Another issue is that the entire compound ought to have been provided with lighting system as some areas like the parking lot and its premises lack the lighting system. Further risks are included as cars that spend the night at the yard are vulnerable to theft due to lack of sufficient lighting system that makes them invisible at night. Recommendation: Those who administer the building should not dare relent in provision of sufficient lighting to the entire compound for the welfare of the property within it.

The available lighting system should be taken care of through using a wire protection to prevent the possible breakage of the expensive facilities. Regulations pertaining to the maintenance of the lighting system should be passed in order to instill prudence into those who deal with this given facility. Cases pertaining to lighting facilities vandalism should not at all be tolerated no matter what. It is recommendable for one to use the Halogen Light Bulbs which produce a standard light which has better illumination ability and also the fact that they are affordable at an appealing price is an added advantage. The general state of the building and the surrounding places is not very much appealing. When one makes an attempt to compare this particular library with others which actually are few miles away from this particular library, one is bound to realize that tremendous improvement should not be delayed especially when considering the fact that the other libraries as well provide similar services.

This might lead the readers opting not to visit it and move to the libraries which serve their expected standards. Recommendation 1: The administration should mobilize all the members in the board of governors which should immediately design on how to acquire money and make arrangements for the renovation of the dilapidated sections of the building lest they suffer having no clients to serve. The board should also appeal to any well wishers who would show up and be willing to offer any form of assistance as long as it is aimed at raising the standards of the building. This would assist in curbing the possible theft as the new installed facilities namely doors and windows would be not easy to break into. The administration should also look for potential financial institutions which would be complacent with the cry for financial assistance. The money lenders also at times provided crucial pieces of advice on how to invest the money wisely and avoid squandering the money in fruitless investments.

Recommendation 2: Adverts that the library is under new management should be printed and posted to the nearby locations and urban centers. The printed posters should insist that tough security measures have been put in place for the good of the clients. This coincidentally would entice potential clients cum serving as a threat to potential vandals who would feel insecure to carry out their activities in such an environment. Those who still enjoy the services offered should be encouraged to spread the good news concerning the tight security measures, further disseminating the security level to the public. Recommendation3: The number of security guards should be increased to about ten as only two so far are available. This would mean that each and every point of the compound is being manned by a security officer.

Further, the security officers should be exposed to security meetings by security guard country wide to make them share ideas with other officers and stop relying on the same crude methods they use to maintain maximum security. They also should get exposed to training sessions to avoid laziness and the habit of being reluctant. Time and again they should be reminded that being industrious in their work means the overall well being of the building. The administration should ensure that the guards are well paid to motivate them to do their without being indiscreet in their job. Recommendation 4: Besides protecting the bulbs, long lasting bulbs which provide bright light should be used.

The bulbs should in fact be installed at the places which are much more sensitive. They include the swimming pool, the parking lot and the rear portion of the building, the front part and then the entrance. These are the places which prove sensitive and vulnerable to vandalism if not theft. An electric fence should be designed around the entire compound and also the around the parking lot. Recommendation 5:A crucial improvement which should be imposed is provision of a legal identity which proves that those who are in have access to the library legally. Some people just sneak in with an aim of carrying out their evil activities either to benefit from it or harm their colleagues.

Those found lacking their identities should immediately be forwarded to the relevant legal authorities for further scrutiny of their intentions to sneak in to the compound. This would serve as a lesson to all other criminals hence raising the security measures as the criminals are bound to be scared away. Recommendation 6: The road from the main entrance is very stony and this surface nature poses serious threats to those who walk along it as one may accidentally slip and consequently harm themselves. Loam soil should be spread on the stones and then sprinkled with water to enhance fertility of the soil. Then grass should be planted to ensure consolidation of the soil particles and hence increasing the friction between the ground and the foot of the walker.

Still the foot path leading to the toilet is dominated by clay type soil hence when it rains, the ground becomes slippery. The path should be diverted to the left as the soil at this particular point is a bit compact and rough. This would deter accidental cases which are common especially during the rainy season. Recommendation 7: The bushy sections one near the toilet and another near the parking lot should be cleared with an immediate effect. This is owing to the fact they obscure clear vision and unexposed section could serve as hideouts of criminals who in turn would impact negatively on the welfare of the Dallas library. All the points provided they just within the compound should be easily be clear of unnecessary barriers like the bushes.

Conclusion The entire observations have justified that the fact that the standards of this library are still yet to meet the required cut line standards. This is achieved after making comparisons with other libraries serving the same purpose. The outlined suggested improvements if at all they are dearly put into consideration, the Dallas library building will live to be famed by all throughout. Many people will be eager to have their studies in that wonderful place. The library will also have met the required standards to enable it compete equally with other thriving libraries.