Suicide Prevention

Suicide is known as the act of trying to intentionally end one’s own life. Often committed out of despair, depression can be a big factor in deciding to commit suicide. In addition, stress can become so powerful over our lives. Even though many suicides happen because of mental diseases, alcohol, or drugs, ordinary everyday people commit suicide too. And the worst part- sometimes it can happen suddenly, out of nowhere. This can’t be known for sure, but by the age of 18 just about every person has thought about suicide at least once.

According to NBC News, 8 million Americans contemplate suicide each year. That’s 40 times more than our entire population! Even if you haven’t personally dealt with someone close to you struggling with suicide, it’s out there and nearby too. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death worldwide…that’s just sad. It’s sad that someone would be able to get to the point of wanting to take his or her own life in the first place. Suicide is a sin! And it’s sad how all the people involved in the life of that person most likely did nothing to help.

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Most of those who have thought of committing suicide would never even dare to tell someone about it, but if you are fortunate enough to know that someone close to you is thinking about suicide, you need to do something about it. Tell someone about it- the worst possible thing to do would be to do nothing and watch as that person kills himself. Then you personally would have the death of a person on your consciousness. Therefore, a way that you can help is simply by notifying a councelor or parent, family member, anyone so the person can get help. Suicides aren’t an accident. They are purposeful deaths that can be prevented with a little help.

Being involved in helping people consider to live can help decrease the number of death tolls in our nation. It’s a simple way to save our loved ones from a tragic death. First off, if you know someone who wants to commit suicide, don’t keep it to yourself. Secondly, for those who don’t confess to having suicidal thoughts, it can be extremely difficult to determine who wants to commit suicid. Often the person who you see happy and smiling all the time is the one who commits suicide. So the easiest way to help is just to be courteous and caring to those you know.

It’s very helpful to just show common concern for all people when you can’t feel what everyone else is feeling. Treat everyone as if every single person wants to commit suicide. Don’t personally give anyone a reason to want to. If you are willing to personally get involved with helping the vast majority of the population overcome suicide, you can join an organization such as afsp- the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. All it takes is some time or effort to help others deal with suicidal thoughts, deal with the loss of a loved one, or attend walks to raise money.

Saving lives couldn’t be easier. You don’t have to be a doctor. All you have to do is be a genuinely caring person. I am almost certain that every person has been connected to suicide in some way or another. Personally I have known someone who has been contemplating sucide but I didn’t do anything about it.

That’s why I am trying to spread the awareness of the importance of helping prevent suicide. I hope that if you come into contact with it that you don’t make the same mistake that I or others have. Even if the person ends up not following through, it’s better to be safe than sorry.