The Suicide

The story of Craig and Mary Ewert is a sad, full of despair and resignation, considering they had reached the end of the road. Before watching this documentary, I could not under any circumstance advocate for assisted suicide. However, this changed when I realized that it is a real life choice that people are sometimes forced to make.

If I was in the shoes of Craig Ewert, I do not think I would have opted for another solution. If, for instance, I was terminally ill and in pain, all I would want to do is to get a permanent solution to end the pain, and, in this case, only death could do that. This is because, medically, all options had been exhausted and none had proven to be fruitful. It would also break my heart to see a close friend or loved one in such agony, and I would be tempted to agree to assisted suicide so as to end their pain. In my opinion, I would consider assisted suicide the only viable option in a case where a terminally ill person has tried every alternative until there is none left, and he or she is in pain that cannot be reduced.

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Also, in the case of an individual suffering from a contagious disease that could put others at risk such as Ebola. Assisted suicide is a viable alternative because it would prevent further spread of the ailment to persons who are not infected. Furthermore, when a family is financially drained and a person is terminally ill with no hope of ever recovering, it could prove the assisted suicide to be the only option so as to prevent medical bills from piling up more. In conclusion, assisted suicide should not be looked down upon but should be given proper thought as it sometimes is the only best option out there.