Critical Analysis of Language Teaching Resources

Name: Instructor name: Course: Date: Critical analysis of language teaching resources a) Write an exposition of what you consider to be essential criteria for effective language learning materials design and support your opinion from your readings Introduction Effective language learning is the necessity of time. No matter in which discipline you are or what field of occupation you have effective language is a vital goal to success, which cannot be ignored.

There are several standards, which determine the criteria for effective language and the learning processes.

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However, determining a standard is the first and foremost element in this regard. Language teaching and language learning are two entirely different fields, which have their own standards and parameters. For instance, the use of self teaching deals with parameters like the web support, visuals, online writing assessment programs, grammar checking utilities etc. conversely, we can say that effective language learning for an individual depends much on the visual aid and self governing and assessing parameters set by the professionals like the international readability grade for the ESL etc.

owever, on the other side in the teaching process, we determine several different processes involve, which include, interaction, cooperation, confidence level, social development, language development, general knowledge, how to read and right and cultural awareness. These elements collectively assist the individuals to grip the language in an effective and much more powerful manner. Visual aid in both the fields of self assessment and professional learning from the language professionals bear a great importance as it is a tool which can enhance the production and quality of the learning process.

Learning any language doesn’t mean to line up few sentences to communicate with others rather it means to communicate properly based on the elements mentioned above. Therefore, a parameter must be set with the intention to mark a standard for learning effective language. (Lynch) Cultural Background In this regard, we have to determine several aspects among them are the cultural background of that particular language as they bear a great importance in it.

For instance, English is an international language.

However, we observe a great difference in spelling, pronunciation, and spelling and even in the writing script in different types of English. The English of America is entirely different from the English in UK or in Australia etc. for this reason the language of any particular region up to an extends depends in the cultural background and the literary mandatory laws of that particular region. This cultural differentiation can be considered as one of the prime important tools for initiating any language, which should not be ignored.

Visual and Audio Aid The second main step in learning ESL is the know how of the language and the historical prospects that how it evolved through several evolutionary stages and what in actual is the current configuration of the language.

Subsequent to this the visual aid or the use of graphics, multimedia, or language enhancers like the videos and audio tapes etc. these visual aid tools assist individuals to overcome the barrier of hesitation and create interest for the learners.

For instance, it is much more convenient to look at a movie with the intention to understand more and more English sentences than reading them on a book. Visual aid is quick, effective, and encourages the learner to have a better understanding of the sentences along with the emotions as it is not represented well in the books. Therefore, the visual aid for the language learning is one of the most effective tools.

Visual aid also encourages the readers to have best understanding of the themes and lines which they viewed and heard in the video or audio files.

Like the video files the audio files also assist the learners to have a better understanding of the language. For instance, an audio tape of some songs or a famous tale spoken in slow and English language can help the individual to have a better understanding of the words used in it. Audio tapes are highly usable in the cases where there is a matter of selection of words. The long narrations on the audio tapes gather the interest of the learners and also serve them have a much better understanding of the actual meanings of the words and where the words can be used.

This is the most vital success tool in the language learning process to learn and create a know how in the intellect that was to use which word and what are the substitutes of that particular word, and if we substitute the word.

What would be the impact on the sentence, whether it will make sense then or not? All these linguistic characteristics and education are most of the times furnished by the visual and audio aid to the learner. There are several audios and videos available, which assist the individuals to learn in a quick and best manner.

This practice saves time and creates ease for the learners and the teachers collectively. Individuals who are interested in the self teaching programs, like many offered on the Internet also make use of the visual and audio aid with the intention to make their English perfect. (Lynch) Language Development Process and Associated Influential Elements Spoken language is the first steps in the language development process.

Speaking is considered much easier than writing, which is totally wrong. Both writing and speaking if carried together can be effective otherwise not.

For instance, if an individual after some hard work is capable of speaking several lines of any language but is not capable of even writing his name his or her hard work is of no use. Moreover, if both the writing and speaking skills are enhanced step by step they can give positive results. Learning should be initiated first as it includes alphabets, which are essential to write.

So the whole circle of language development is interconnected and is followed in steps. Therefore, if we ignore any of the constituents we cannot learn or speak in an effective manner. (Friedman) Graphical Representation