Crosby Manufacturing Corporation

Crosby Manufacturing Corporation has shown much growth since year 2005. In that year Wilfred Livingston became the president of the corporation. He realized that the corporation needs to be reorganized in order for it so achieve its goals and objectives. At that time the corporation had 700 employees which Livingston reorganized to use the matrix structure. This worked and the results could be seen three years later. The corporation need to work on its technology part especially computer technology to see it keep up with the pace of the competitors.

This is according to the president. The management information system manager suggests to the president that they need to first carry out a feasibility test before designing the management information system that the president want to see implemented. Appointment of Tim Emary Many are the times that many leaders who are not necessarily managers make decisions in the firms they are in but the decisions made do not become of use to the firm. The problem that is making many firms in the recent world not to grow is the problem of bureaucracy. The old policies in the organizations do not match with the current environment of the firms.

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If only this was looked at and changed many firms would grow and achieve their goals and objectives. It’s my opinion that the president of Crosby Corporation, Livingston, made the right decision to appoint Tim Emary as the project manager. This is because he has what it takes to take the position and that the corporation will see results from him. The only problem that the president would face from the decision is negative altitude from those who were interested in the position. This however will not be a big problem if the president had explained it to the other leaders in the corporation and if he made them undestand the capabilities of Tim The functional employees in the corporation cannot just take that easily having in mind that they expected one of them to take the position.

They will tend to resist and this can make them feel demotivated. The employees might also feel like the president is a dictator since they were not asked to give their views on the appointment. The employees will feel like they are not part of the corporation and this will make them be demotivated and this might lower their productivity in the corporation. The employees may also not get along well with the appointed project manager, Emary. This is because they may feel that it’s like he is more in the corporation than them having in mind that he is new in the corporation whereas them they joined the corporation before.Time and time constraints The growth and achievement of goals and objectives is what every organization wants to have.

One of the major problems that the organizations are trying to tackle is the problem of stiff competition from the competitors. It should be noted that timelines in any project in an organization is very important. A firm may come up with a very good project but at the wrong time. This will see the firm waste funds on a project that will not help it. The project that the Crosby Corporation wants to invest in is timely.

This is because we are in the computer era where everything is being done online and the data is being stored in softcopies. When the corporation successfully has the new management information system it will be able to save time since the procedures done manually before will now take less time. The corporation will also improve its public image and thus attracting more customers since they will have more trust on the corporation, (Gunston, 1993). Cost of a project is also a great concern to any firm. This is why the firm must carry out investment project evaluation and see which project is the best in terms of cost and returns on investment. In the case of Crosby Manufacturing Corporation the project is believed to be cost effective.

This is because the president of the corporation has already made a decision to invest in the project. According to the president the cost is not a problem since the customers can even provide the corporation with a waiver to cater for the required costs for the projects. The project is expected to see the corporation’s growth to rapidly shoot up on its completion. However it should be noted that the project is going to be expensive. However after comparing the cost of the project with the future benefits to the corporation it can be noted that it’s worth investing in the project.

The project will even benefit the corporation indirectly. As discussed above the project will see the corporation improve its public image. This will see the corporation attract more customers and this will eventually lead to increased sales and this leads to more profits.Conclusion In conclusion technology is the major improvement that the firms in the world are trying to have. With the already seen improvement seen in the Crosby manufacturing corporation the introduction of a management information system in the system will see it even grow further. With the technology updated systems in the firms they are able to keep up with their competitors.

The decision of what technology to invest in should however be made wisely having in mind that there are many options when it come to development in technology. This will see the firm make the best decision and invest in the best thus the best results from the project.