Culinary Arts Report

The T of each chapter must contain approximately 4,000-5,000 words (approximately 12-14 pages minus organization chart and kitchen layout). These household contain the following information: 0 The name of the kitchen for each chapter concerned 0 Kitchen brigade (the organization chart of that kitchen department/ outlet) 0 Kitchen equipment and layout 0 Miss en place; daily and promotional events; special events 0 For each kitchen: 4 Activities performed such as: inter kitchen transfer, buffet set up, event orders, requisition, general cleaning, department training, outside catering, etc.

Departmental glossary Heading and sub headings should be used to give clear indication of the content Title of sections/departments should use numerals of heading (egg.

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) sub heading (e. G. 2. 1) and sub-sub headings (e. G. 2.

1. 1 and 2. 1 . L(a)). Photos, plans forms or any appendix material should not be included in this section.

It should be referred to systematically in the appendix. 6. Conclusion and Recommendation (approximately 4-8 pages.

In this chapter student will be graded on his/her cohesiveness in narrating and reflecting his/her experience and benefits gained from the internship)This chapter should include the following: o Comments on work relation o Problems and recommendations o Past knowledge o Present training . Appendices 0 0 This section should be placed at the end of the report.

This section should contain: forms, event orders, photos, samples of standardized recipe form each department.