Cultivation Effects

There are many examples of cultivation effects. A person who views television more would be more influenced to buy the products advertised by the television show sponsors as compared to not using a phone. In the same manner, violent movies would influence the children to be violent. Video games like Battle Realm, Warcraft, Vice City, Grand Theft Auto would influence children game players to act in a more violent manner as compared to children who do not pay violent video games (Barlow, 2005).

In the same light, bold movies would sure arouse the viewers to have sexual relationships (Shrum, 2004). Personally, people should heed the warning labels /ratings on packaged music. People should heed the warning sign stating that the movie is for adults only. The warning clearly states that the sex scenes on the movie are not suited for toddlers. Likewise, using offensive words in movies cultivates an offensive character on the child viewers (Macintyre, 2003). People must obey the warning movie signs stating that the murder scenes are too gruesome for the faint -hearted.

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Many people have parasocial behavior. The behavior is one where only one side knows the other. This is common in a fan – star relationship. Many young girls idolize Barbie doll. However, Barbie does not know the child caressing Barbie’s golden hair. Some people are serious fans of NBA Basketball stars.

However, the NBA star does not personally know anything about their fans. Most of the fans watch their idols on television. (Giles, 2003).Video game violence should be decreased because strongly affects behavior. The child will feel disgusted or angry if the video game opponents defeat the human person.

A person who plays violent video games will think that the computer game world is the real world. Studies have shown that heavy violent television influence more viewers by the television messages as compared to light television viewers (Clifford, 1995).According to George Gerbner, many cultivation effects may exist, other than those arising from violent programming. Television advertising uses sexy beautiful women to endorse products. The television viewers will be enticed to buy the products. The happy home environment will help create confidence on the child while staying with the parents.

Showing news of the 8.7 earthquake creates horror of the people. An advertisement for a hair-growing tonic will persuade many bald television viewers to buy the hair-growing tonic. Gerber’s study showed that people in nursing homes believe the world is corrupt after seeing prolong television showsBriefly, media is a strong influence of people’s minds. Longer hours watching television may have a stronger influence on the television viewers.

The theoretical information supports the idea of warning labels and age restrictions for purchasing music. Evidently, the examples above reflect cultivation effects.