Effects of Computer and Television on Children

Computers and televisions are the salient electronics for the modern world. People use them for work and personal interests, such as playing various games and communicating with other people. The ability of people to understand how to use the computers and televisions gives them the opportunity to relax and also enjoy themselves by knowing the whole world of news. On the other hand, knowing how to use them, especially for children, could elicit many negative ideas and also mental problems. In many places, children are allowed to use computers and televisions during their free time. Children like computers and televisions more than other toys and they can watch all day without complaining.

According to Heger (2011), the amount of free time children between age 10 and 11who always glued to the glowing screen are poorly psychologically states and psychological activity. She also mentioned that the more screen time children had, the likely they were to report felling of loneliness, sadness or negativity, regardless and their level of physical activity. Children never realize that computers and televisions could affect their health in case they watch them for long periods of time. They let their brains stop functioning and miss out on fundamental aspects of learning. Therefore, parents should protect children from lack of communication with others, health problems, and children learn disagreeable habits from the computer or television. To solve the problem of being over watching television and computer for children, parents should limit the time for their children.

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The connection between parents and their children is noteworthy because it can totally change their whole life. If parents limit the time for the children, they will know how to use time usefully. The recommended two hours or less watching T.V and talking the tykes into turning off the tube by letting them watch only one favorite show or movie (Health, 2011). Parents should let their children knw how the time is a limit by taking them to cinema and let them know it limit of time for the showing and after watching a movie.

Sometime parents should give a lesson by being late for their children favorite movie and tell them the pressure of time. Children learn easily by being practical. If parents limit children time when they are young, it may sound difficult in the first time, but later on they would be a tremendous child for the rest of their life. Therefore, children who watch over televisions or computer the best solution is limit children time by parents.To make it work as the best solution, first, parents should know the time for what children favorite show or game.

After knowing children favorite, parents should act like it his or her favorite, or if it not a valid show to watch for children, parents should act it not exciting and told the kids about why the show is unacceptable. Children might be change his or her favorite because children mostly by parents behavior. If parents watch with children favorite show or playing game, play with them and talk with children about the game or show. If children still want to watch or play, parents let children know the time it over and play with children favorite show in real instead of sitting the front of computer or T.V. It can be effective if children do not hate the limit time and appropriately consider for time management.

After knowing children favorite time for show, the second step is for children eye safety. Children safety is the most valuable quality hence parents should be extremely careful. Children do not realize if they over watch T.V or computer can affect their eyesight. Personal interview form Hlawn Chin’s mother, who limited the time for her kid, mentions that children safety always depend on parents’ hand.

She worked before night shift and could not care closely to Hlawn’s. Hlawn’s also spent all of her free time by using computer or watching T.V. llater onthe tear come out from her eye recently and her doctor said she having dry eye. Hlawn’s mother changed to work day, and she limit the time for Hlawn and stay with her most of the time. From now, Hlawn’s tear did not drop anymore because she obeys her mother limit time for watching T.

V (October, 20, 2012). So, parents could protect the children health and also their safety. Parents should explain how dangerous it is for their eyesight and give them good example for children to believe. That could benefits them in knowing how important safety is. If children know the correct thing to do, the final step is having a good discipline for school. The final step is parents should manage the time for children discipline for school.

If children grow up with a good discipline, his or her behavior or mind would not be destroy by bad friends or neighborhood. For example, children who are growing up from loving parents with discipline and children who are not would be different by their action, the way they speak and their mind. Many people could tell who are come from principled parents with disciple by when he or she spoke to those children.In conclusion, computers and televisions are amusing to watch for children, but it is not an appropriate tool to watch all the time. American children are always glued to the T.V for an average of 27 hours each week and eleven hours per day, and also, children always watch 8,000 murders and100, 000 acts of violence before finishing elementary school (Clark, 1993).

From the given statement, it can cut between the relationship between parents, children and conflict between brothers and sisters, too. Therefore, parents should control the children by limiting their time of playing computers and watching TV and children must follow that too. Not to become lack of communication in social life, effect of dry eye problem and learn destructive habits easily, parents should limit watching time for children.