Is television beneficial to younger children?

Television: positive or negative impact on the minds of the young? Let’s explore. Some channels can be very successful for training the minds of the young, such as, Discovery Channel or the History Channel. Like the positive effected channels, there are other channels too. Like the exceedingly popular channels Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network. Bad habits may form, due to the constant watching of too much television. As you can see, television may affect the growth and development of the child.

My younger brother was watching television for two hours straight. Completely ignoring the fact that he has work to do. As stated on, most children under six years old get at least two hours of television a day.

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And, from ages eight and up, watch four hours of television (not including the extra two hours of playing video games and/or computer). Though I am aware of this fact, there are many instances when I ignore it. This could ultimately conclude that the child got awful growth from the many hours of television. Television shows like SpongeBob tends to lower the IQ, due to the idiotic things that the characters have done. Watch how many hours your child watches television. You’ll be surprised.

When I was outside playing football, I noticed that my younger brother was playing an imaginary game. Some television shows, show brainless things, like violence. On a website named it said, that children who watch violent television shows, influence them to do those things in real life. Shows such as Dragon Ball Z and other violent cartoons, have a higher effect on children.

In my past experiences, I think that your child will try to reenact events that had happened in the show. As stated on, it stated that it will conclude that the child will get injured or damaged. Watch what your child is watching on television. You’ll be surprised.

I am very well aware of the fact that every coin has two faces; similarly there are many advantages of having this communication tool available. For example, first thing in the morning switching to news channel gives me instant information on what is happening in the world. And if I go to the Science Channel I will learn many new things. I went a website called and they stated that PBS kids are a very educational channel for children.

They suggested that all parents should sit by the child and watch the television with them. Just how my mom did with me when I was younger. They said going over vocabulary with the child would help memories new words. So, to make sure your child is learning something you should do that. Teach your child what he/she is learning on the television.

You’ll be surprised. In conclusion, if you want some education from television you should go on the Discovery channel, or if you’re a little kid go to PBS kids. Also, watch what type of shows your child is watching on television. Educational or not you should watch whatever your child is watching television. It can really affect your child, so make note of how many hours of television your child watches. And as you can see, Television may affect the growth and development of the child.

Watch the television with your child. You’ll be surprised.