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Raja Rattletrap and Mrs.. Swarmed gave birth to ABA on Novo 23rd 1926 In Phthalate, a village In the state of Andorra Pradesh, Southern India. His thoughtfulness and delve Inclination set himself apart from the other similar age children. The villagers treat Him as ‘Guy’ and ‘Brahmins’ (knower of Divine, the God Almighty).

On October 20, 1940 He communicated to the world that He is in the human form of Divinity. Since then whoever has an opportunity to see him with attention experienced “pure love walking on two feet” His simple and sweet spiritual courses taught fundamental truths of spirituality and the world religion.

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The main objectives of Stay SAA Organization Stay SAA organization is built on the foundation “Save (help mankind)” principle, the most important objective of the organization are captured below. Help the individuals: Abs’s message Is compassion toward each other, this was expressed in this words “Love All Serve All – Help Ever Hurt Never” which became slogan for the service organization he manifested. By adapting this message, he preached mankind that paves path from suffering and hatred to healing and brotherhood permanency.

He believed God is Omnipresent and that divinity exists in very creature in the universe. Once tans cardinal truth Is recognized, Ana patted In dally Tie, manually talons new heights of self-awareness that helps to uplift a society, a country and the whole world. This heartfelt incident which happened in 1972 far off Guitar, which conveys Abs’s quality of understanding, compassion as well as love towards animals. Sixty odd devotes traveled to Partisanship Minimal arrived after 7 tiresome days of Journey. Among them was a little girl, Alkali.

Vaughan address them and manifest Bathing scared ash) and told “this for your cat”.

The group pleasantly stunned to the compassionate Vagrants’ expression. This to realize an incident happened at Alkali’s home about ill-treatment of cat by her elder sister and surprising sacred ash falling from cat’s fur. Abs’s devotees had many more of these kind of incidents while encountering Vaughan and how compassionate he towards animals and mankind in general. He started many noticeable service projects to help needy people to facilitate the daily needs of shelter, food, cloths, health and education.

Figure 2, by www. Hyperventilation’s.

Org Ensure human relations governed by principles of truth, right conduct, peace, love, and non-violence: Truth: -Truth is the basis of adhering to moral principles. Truth has no awe; Untruth quiver at every trace. “Truth is one; there can’t be two. For two can only one” is the fundamental teachings of all religions irrespective of any country or any race one belongs to. When one searches and pursue Truth, you are pursuing God. Therefore Truth is God.

Truth prevails; so too, God prevails. Truth should be regarded as existence of life as respite itself.

Just as a living being with no respite in him becomes ineffective, sprightliness without Truth is ineffective and becomes a domicile place of discord and sorrow. Truth is the ultimate attainment; it is most auspicious than any other thing, and it is that makes Truth everlasting. Right conduct: – is the cornerstone for the wellbeing of humankind; this is the universal ancient truth practiced.

God is the incarnation of Right Conduct; his grace can be attained by Right Conduct; he is nurturing Right Conduct forever; he is manifesting Right Conduct forever; He is the symbol of Right Conduct by himself.

Right Conduct is source of lord almighty; it is the great chastity and basis for all. In this universe adhering to moral principles is highest attainment of all. This helps man to know his inner self, to get away from worldly desires, to up bring humanitarian selflessness and then lead pleasant life. Peace: – your internal peace is derivative of external peace and vice versa; it is reflect of each other. Peace is different form of perpetual truth.

It has greatest impact of all kind. Bliss is derived from peace by itself; it is the ultimate treasure.

Peace is monumental to lead good life regardless you are a majestic mind or blessed with wealth or superman of physical strength. The manifestation of peace comes by attaining detachment, absence of worldly desires, and by being goggles. One can perfect peace by getting rid of choler, possessiveness, and dislikes.

Peace must be practiced in action, stance, and in communication; also by keeping it always in inner mind and make it part of your own duty. Peace can be established by controlling inner senses. Abs’s divine discourse (1972) “Pure love can emanate only from a g s 000′ teen o. ” near Immerse EAI In peace .

I en realization ‘Eve Decodes natural to Love: – Banyan’s discourse (1994), “What is true love? It is that virtuous, altruistic love towards all beings, reckoned as a concrete representation of Divine, with no anticipation of reward, is true Love”.

Love sweetens every thought, word and deed of yours. Love has more power because it is selfless and pure, it grows with spiritual discipline. Everyone has divinity, love helps to see divinity. Meditation and devotional singing helps a person to develop more love. Non-violence (Aims): – Aims not just abstaining doing harm or trauma to someone.

It implies abstaining doing harm to oneself. Who can’t avoid doing harm to himself can’t avoid doing to someone else. Constant Retrospect is the way to evaluate self-conduct. Words cause much more harm to a person than physical injury. The sight, most important senses of all, must become pure while looking at others without any ill thoughtful contaminated mind.

Avoid hearing vicious talk about others. Divine discourse (1999), “Hence everyone should see that they give no room for bad looks, bad hearing, bad speech, bad thoughts and bad actions.

Non-violence leads to a society with peace and love. Changing the way thought proves has to mastered to reflect that in the good attitude. Mentally, physically or by speech should not hurt anyone. Pure thought, good act of kindness even towards enemies necessary to bring harmony.

Abs’s discourse (1981), “Humility is the main quality of those who want to don the mantle of Non-violence. ” Most notable projects undertaken: ABA undertook numerous service projects to help mankind that includes super specialty medical hospitals, educational university, drinking water projects all free of cost.

These projects are mostly run by volunteers which brings out the love, compassion and sharing towards the needy. His famous quotes are “my life is my message and “service to man is service to God”. Summary and Conclusion Stay SAA Abs’s essence of scriptures is “Love All Server All – Help Ever Hurt Never”.

By practicing these teachings, he put forward his life as a message. Sais’s service oriented organization created a world movement on the basis of universal principals “truth, right conduct, peace, love, and non-violence”.