Daddy why do you hate?

Daddy? Why are you leaving? Ive seen you walk out that door to many times, my fingers can’t count. Daddy?Why do you hurt people? I saw you hurt Mommy well you two were fighting, I don’t understand. Daddy?Why do you get so red? You yell loud, whats wrong? Did I do something? Daddy,I hate you. You Don’t listen to me. You don’t understand I’m growing up. You said I’m not your sweet girl anymore, well your not my Dad, anymore. Two can play that. Daddy, you told me God , is disappointed at me, No Dad, God thinks your sinning, not me. I wish you could learn, that you need yo be a better dad, or not one at all. I’m gone,I’m far away, you don’t call, email, talk to me anymore. I hope you know Daddy, that you hate , but your also , hating me.