Why I hate math, and still accept it anyway

Numbers, each exact and precise. Always having the same amount or always having the value they need. Never hidden or described, never as beautiful as words because numbers are never imperfect. They’re always logical, perfect, organized, and accurate. Words are like humans, whether lovely, harsh, ugly, simple, or stunning. Words are never constricting or punctual in a sense, they’re different and impact people at different speeds.

They have meanings and emotions that differ in different humans. Numbers are predictable, in order unless you scramble them. Even then, they look right. Words are caresses of fear, of insecurity, of awe, of love. They blind and confuse someone in a fascinating way, or they enchant and captivate the willing victim.

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In the end, will humanity realize, what are numbers good for? Dreaded time is measured in the inescapable grasp of numbers. Prices, things to do, all things people fear. Numbers don’t feel, for they represent empty quantities of unreal value, standing for an unknown reason, false cover for those who hide from the truth of words. And yet, numbers ground the world. They chain the imagination that would create a lively chaos, or start arguments.

They wait, always in the air, surrounding people and erasing the extra, overwhelming power of words. They are the balance to creativity, for they stop the influx of shocking raw beauty, as humans only understand numbers, it seems. They ease or corrupt souls in a way, which is normal for numbers. You are either showered in well earned wishes for your deeds, such as obtaining hard-worked for money and receive a certain number of things, or shrouded in an amount misery for your acts. You gather a certain number of things for either choice. And it is perfectly natural, something expected.

Treat things or people how you wish to be treated. Ask and you shall receive. So many things in humanity follow the path of numbers, because numbers are supposed to be here, on earth. Writing and words were invented, created as an equal to the regular beat of digits. Yin and Yang.

Dark and light. Pain and Joy. Hot and cold. Numbers and Words. Numbers represent the constant, yet unavoidable, well-trodden pain and reluctant acceptance of life, and provide shelter, while words paint the love and lies of our world.

Confusing, yes. But all people must do, really, is dig a little deeper in our world to uncover the truth.